Top PPC Advertising Courses Online in 2023

Are you unaware of PPC? No. well, don’t worry; you are at the right place to learn about it. PPC, also known as Pay-Per-Click or Cost-Per-Click, is a model of effective Internet marketing that drives huge visitor traffic to websites in hours. The advertiser pays the publisher or website owner a certain fee if someone clicks their ads every time.

If you are interested to learn PPC, there are several courses by various institutes that you can find for various specialized online PPC programs. Here is a list of the top five PPC courses available today in the Digital marketing industry for professional users that aid great help in your quest. The content of courses with a specific emphasis on a particular niche element of PPC marketing, as well as expert trainers with a proven industry record, are the main criteria considered in selecting these five courses. You can make an informed decision with this guide in your journey of choosing the next advanced PPC course.

Simplilearn’s Advanced Pay Per Click (PPC) Certification Training:

Simplilearn is one of the best online certification providers today and one of its most popular courses is the Advanced Pay Per Click (PPC) Certification Training. This PPC training course is suitable for beginners as well as people who want to have advanced knowledge of PPC.

With this course, you can master the nuances of Pay-Per-Click, display advertising, conversion optimization, and web analytics as well. You can choose from self-paced learning and blended learning if you wish to choose this PPC course. The self-paced learning provides you with all the material that you would need to learn PPC, while blended learning allows you to have access to the material as well as live online classes.

Market Motive courses

Market Motive is one of the digital marketing industry’s leading providers in India, offering top-notch cloud-based training and certification courses. Leverage your professional network with two types of online PPC programs – one for three months and another course for six months. The second course is a more expensive choice as it includes professional supervision, real-world tasks, and a thesis. The classes include online video tutorials, exams, and online conferences.

It develops a curriculum to train experts on digital marketing and has supported Fortune 500 firms with Web-based certification programs.

This advanced course, led by Brad Geddes, who is the industry idea initiator and an expert trainer, aims at training PPC practitioners in the campaign manager for various search engines. Students will learn more about market trends, competitor campaigns, and research to enhance ROIs and inform business strategies.

Market Motive offers certification to eligible students who complete 85% of the course with a score of at least 60% on one simulation test.

Lynda Course: Google Ads Essential Training

Learners can have a look into this valuable online hub provided with useful information on some of the best online advertising courses. is one of the top online collections of digital marketing courses with a unique user interface and also offers compelling career-advancing classes for beginners.

Advanced Google AdWords 2017 is one such course led by Instructor Adriaan Brits. He also designed a course for marketers with some practical educational training and experience who want to enhance their skills. It is also well suited for the experienced intellectual advertiser who wants to learn more advertising skills.

Lynda’s PPC training course will help you to:

  • Get many more visitors to your website
  • Gain more exposure for your PPC
  • Learn how Google Ads works
  • Create a new Ads account
  • Ads visibility with keyword research
  • Track ad performance with Google Analytics

Are you interested to know how to implement Google Ads to assess ROI? Willing to know how to use ad extensions and create fantastic promotional campaigns?

Search Engine College Pay-Per-Click Starter Course

Search Engine College’s advanced PPC training is a practical course based on Google’s and Bings’ ad networks designed for the results-driven digital advertiser seeking to improve their marketing framework and objectives. This course is one of the best in the market due to its considerable emphasis placed on the design and optimization of landing pages.

There are two versions of the course: one which provides guidance from industry specialist Kalena Jordan and the other, which does not include guidance from a “self-study” version. Only students who take the first version are certified. The class teaches paid marketing with search engine giants and various topics related to PPC management. The course provides a total of 10 downloadable PDF lessons of 97 pages.

Stikky Media’s Pay-Per-Click Online Certification Course

Pay-per-click (PPC) experts from Stikky media will help you maximize the ROI from search engines and effective PPC campaigns in social media to meet today’s marketing trends.

All technicians support this tutor-supervised PPC course at an economical price to drive quality traffic to the website. Stikky media’s PPC course includes downloadable PDF tutorials totaling 300 pages, 30 online educational quizzes, and 12 months of free classroom exposure.

The online classes help you know how to increase click volume with less spending on campaigns and increase visitors’ volume. Stikky media provides PPC certification to a student who gets qualified with at least 70% on overall tests, quizzes, and key assignments.

Final Words

Have specialized marketing skills, then some of these training modules help you learn new advanced concepts. Are you fresher or a beginner to learn any part of digital marketing or manage the marketing staff? Then these courses act as a foundation for your comprehensive understanding of digital marketing.