17 YouTube’s features which make it better

I just noticed that for the past months I prefer using YouTube instead of Google search to find answers I’m looking for.

The thing is YouTube gives many ways to be helpful and better. You can use features from easy keyboard shortcuts to adding captions to improve it for yourself.

Check out the 17 best YouTube’s features I’ve found that will be useful on a regular basis:

  1. Use new YouTube’s design before Google release it out.

You are able to check out new YouTube’s design by typing «youtube.com/new» into your browser search bar.

  1. The new version of YouTube makes you enable to switch it on a Dark Mode. It’s good for your eyes if you’re watching videos at night or in a dark room, and it’ll look great, too.

At the new YouTube’s version, you may click on your profile on the top right then click on the Dark Theme» item and switch it on.

  1. If you’re using desktop YouTube’s version so you can press «J» on a keyboard to rewind 10 seconds.
  1. Use «L» hotkey to fast-forward 10 seconds.
  1. It’s possible to save any YouTube video for offline with a simple program, e.g. this one). Or by adding ‘ss’ in URL, e.g. https://www.ssyoutube.com/watch?v=kJQP7kiw5Fk. Not quite YouTube’s feature, but very convenient.
  1. You can stop a video by pressing «K».
  1. YouTube’s mobile app makes you able to double-tap at the right or left of the screen to fast-forward or rewind for 10 seconds.

Make more double-taps to keep fast-forward or rewind for 10 seconds each time.

  1. Hotkey «M» will mute or unmute a video.
  1. You can save an interesting video for later when you can’t watch it right now.

By clicking on the «Add To» item on the right of «Share» under a video then clicking on the «Watch Later» box you can save videos for later. When is the right time you can find the video in a «Watch Later» page? It’s in a Settings item.

  1. By using keyboard’s number buttons you’ll quickly fast-forward or rewind around the video’s timeline.

The numbers keys from 1 to 9 jumps video’s timeline. For example, if you press the «3» button you’ll move on 30 percent of duration. «0» button will start over a video.

  1. You are able to share a video at the current time.

Stop the video then right-click on it and choose «Copy video URL at the current time».

  1. Watch 360-view videos by moving your phone around, or clicking and pulling with a mouse on a desktop.

To find 360-degree videos you should enter «360-degree video» in a YouTube’s search bar, or clicking here.

  1. You can use a mobile VR headset, like Google Daydream or Galaxy Gear VR, to watch VR-videos.
  1. Use your voice to run videos on TV with Google Home.

Switch on your Google Home and ask it to «play funny videos on TV». You need Smart TV with the YouTube app, Chromecast by Google, or any other device with the YouTube app.

Free tip: You mustn’t watch only funny videos. Ask it to play anything.

  1. YouTube can run videos at different speeds.
  1. Use subtitles if you don’t want to annoy people around you.

By using YouTube’s subtitles you can also translate videos from a different language. There are about one billion videos that already have automatic captions.

  1. Use your smartphone to control YouTube on TV.

Any mobile device or computer is able to run YouTube videos on TV. You need to connect TV and other devices to the same Wi-Fi network. This feature works at Smart TV with the YouTube app, regular TV with a Chromecast, Playstation or Xbox or any other device that runs YouTube apps.

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