What Makes a Best Oculus Rift Extension Cable

For the last several years Virtual Reality (VR) has been a hot topic among avid gamers due to the increase in immersive capabilities. They compare VR game headsets and accessories for accessibility and maneuverability to create the most captivating gaming experience possible. One of the most popular headsets is the Oculus brand for its affordability to-quality ratio.

Oculus Rift extension cables paired with overhead cable systems can give an even more realistic experience to any game choice by taking both the weight of the cable and creating a safer environment with no cables trailing where they might be tripped over. The best thing about Oculus Rift extension cables is how cheap they are to buy for such an instant positive change for the gamer.

The Oculus Rift direct off-the-shelf cable length is generally 5 feet with a possible extension of another foot when the PC connector cable is taken into account. This is limiting to a large degree because most gaming spaces are already quite small and a short cord length decreases it, even more, affecting both the fun and the immersible nature of any game being played. With the additional length added by the Oculus Rift extension cables, an extra 15 ft or much more can be added to the range of the system which means gamers can employ larger areas of their gaming space.

This extra cord length can come as cheap as $12-$22 which is a very small price to pay for the benefits of Oculus Rift extension cables. There are several lengths, sizes, and different compatibility needs for each cord. The most common Oculus Rift extension cables required: are a Premium HDMI cable, and an extendable USB-A cable. and headset USB-A cable.

One of the cheapest options is the “Oculus Rift Extension Cable USB 3.0 for Xbox, USB Devices(5M/16FT)” which comes with a super affordable price tag of $12.99, and the features for this cable extension are listed on their site as:

  1. USB 3.0 extension cable extends the connection between a computer or Windows tablet and USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 peripherals such as keyboard, mouse, hard drives, USB hub, USB card reader, flash drives, printers, and more.
  2. USB Extender Cable, USB-b male to USB-b female adapter extender cable, upgrade to SuperSpeed USB 3.0, data transfer rate at up to 5 Gbps, 10x faster than USB 2.0, while maintaining backward compatibility with your existing USB 2.0 devices.
  3. Improving Stability with a DC Jack to connect the external power supply to enhance the performance of the extension cable and VR extension cable.
  4. Bare copper conductors and foil & braid shielding, provides superior cable performance and no signal degradation.
  5. Plug and play, no need to install driver, bus-powered required no external power supply.

An easy improvement for any VR game experience!

While 15 ft of cable might seem a bit excessive it is needed to properly set up a complete room-sized VR system because the Oculus Rift extension cables will need to be connected to a wall-mounted PC and then suspended in a system above the gamer to allow for the best experience. This can take time to set up but the loss of the cable weight will make it simple to forget you are wearing a headset at all leaving you able to feel more connected to the game environment. For each USB 2.0 and 3.0, you will also require sensor extensions to keep the gameplay smooth.

It is also good to note that any Oculus Rift extension cable you use beyond 15 ft will require USB 2.0 extensions as they tend to support longer cables better. An example is the “USB 2.0 Cable Extender to RJ45 Over Cat5/5E/6 (100M/328FT)” which runs at about $40-$50 though there are some lower-priced options as well including the $13 “Oculus Rift Extension Cable USB 3.0 for Xbox, USB Devices(5M/16FT)” or the $15 “USB 3.0 Extension Cable/USB 3.0 Extension Cable for Oculus Rift VR Sensor, Xbox (5M/16FT)”. Any of these options will work well for increasing the range of your available gaming space.

No matter what size your gaming budget is there are affordable options for Oculus Rift extension cables to improve your VR game.