Toshiba Develops Simulated Bifurcation – The World’s Fastest Algorithm

An algorithm is like a formula or stepwise representation of a solution to a given problem. Though experts always suggest everyone focus more on Algorithm than language, there are still a lot of people who ignore it.

There are hundreds of Algorithms available but a Japanese multinational company Toshiba Corporation has recently developed a new Algorithm which is claimed to be the world’s fastest and large-scale performance algorithm.

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Simulated Bifurcation Algorithm

Toshiba has successfully developed this algorithm for combinatorial optimization that involves selecting the best possible outcomes from a large number of combinatorial patterns.

The new Algorithm called Simulated Bifurcation Algorithm is expected to bring 10 times improvements than any currently available methods.

This algorithm uses bifurcation phenomena — adiabatic processes and ergodic processes in classical mechanics. It is derived from a quantum computer theory proposed by Toshiba itself. Simulated Bifurcation Algorithm highly accurate approximate outcomes for large-scale and complex combinatorial optimization problems.

Before this algorithm, people believed that such a massive computation power for developing an algorithm to solve an optimization problem is only achievable through quantum computers. But the new algorithm is capable of solving such problems with 100,000 fully connected variables in just a few seconds.

Simulated Bifurcation Algorithm

Just for giving you an idea about the newly developed Algorithm, it can obtain highly accurate solutions for an optimization problem having 2,000 fully connected variables in just 0.05 milliseconds.

To give you an idea about the new algorithm by Toshiba, it can provide accurate solutions for an optimization problem with 2,000 fully connected variables in just 0.05 milliseconds. This is 10-times faster than the laser-based quantum computer used for solving complex problems.

One of the biggest highlights of Simulated Bifurcation Algorithm is the fact that this algorithm can be used on standard computers without installing any additional devices.

The company has not only developed the world’s fastest algorithm but also made it possible to deliver a large scale performance at low cost. This algorithm will also help in boosting problem-solving capabilities and reducing computation time in the currently employed semiconductor-based digital computers.

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Applications Of Simulated Bifurcation Algorithm

Today, it might be difficult to find solutions for combinatorial optimization using current computers. But the new algorithm is capable of solving many problems such as realizing efficient logistics, applying molecular design to drug development, optimizing financial profiles, etc. The company has said they have plans to build a dedicated platform for this algorithm and will be available publicly in 2019.