5 Best Bug Fixing Tools For Python Developers

Python is one of the most popular high-level languages that lets you work quickly and integrate the required features more efficiently. However, coding is a time-consuming thing and one can never assure that he/she can write error-free code. It’s not like as Python allows you to express logic in fewer lines of code, there would be fewer chances of error. Even experienced developers spend a good amount of time in bug-fixing.

Today, I will share some best bug fixing tools for python developers. These tools will help you fix bugs while writing code and also show you an insight into the work and status of development.

Bug Fixing Tools For Python Developers

1. Trac


Trac is one of the best tools for python developers. It’s open-source and comes with a lot of useful features. It’s not just a bug-fixing tool but also allows you to manage your projects on a simple timeline. It will show all your current and previous projects events in order to provide better acquisition.

Trac is actually an enhanced Wiki and error tracking system for software development projects. It also provides an interface to Subversion and Git (or other version control systems) with useful reporting facilities. Moreover, you can create links as well as build references between bugs, changesets, files, wiki pages, etc. It also allows wiki markup in issue descriptions and messages. Trac is available for Unix, Linux, Windows, etc.

Cost: Free and Open Source

2. Sentry


Sentry is another open-source bug fixing tool for developers that let them find and fix bugs in real-time. The tool not only supports python but also some other popular languages like Ruby and JavaScript etc.

As it comes with SDKs for every framework, platform, and language, you can easily integrate them into your applications. This tool allows you to see local variables in the stack for prod errors, just like in your development environment. You can introspect more deeply into the runtime for additional data. Sentry also has options to filter and group Python executions to reduce the noise. Lastly, Sentry is trusted by some famous companies such as Microsoft, Uber, PayPal, Reddit, etc.

Cost: Free and Open Source

3. Airbrake


Airbrake is another wonderful tool for error-tracking and bug fixing in Python. This is a real-time tool that keeps reporting and monitoring your code, capture exceptions, and notifies you before the users are affected. The tool allows you to receive alerts either on Github, Jira, Slack, or via email.

It’s simple, easy to install, and can be accessed via a mobile-optimized web app. Besides Python, it also supports languages like PHP, Ruby, .NET, JavaScript, and many more. This tool comes with some cool features to improve the productivity of the entire team. It allows you to collaborate, prioritize, triage, etc with its custom workflow integrations.

Cost: Price Stats at $59 Per Month

4. Rollbar


Rollbar is a great error tracking tool for people who are looking for complete monitoring of their product or service after deployment. This tool will send you notifications instantly after the error has occurred and before users notice.

The best thing about this tool is it automatically groups similar errors together by using its fingerprinting technology. Rollbar ensures that you will receive all the details so that you can evaluate the impact and assign priority. It will provide request parameters, local variable values, browsers, IPs, etc.

Talking about languages, it also supports Django, Ruby, JavaScript, Android, Clojure, etc. Rollbar is a trusted tool by firms like Uber, Salesforce, Heroku, etc.

Cost: Price Starts at $41 Per Month

5. Raygun


Raygun is also a good bug management tool that keeps a track of errors coming from your software. It’s simple, easy, and helps you diagnose and resolve issues users experience. It supports various languages and platforms like Python, iOS, Android, PHP, .NET, Java, etc.

You can simply add Raygun into your test, dev, and production environments and see errors and every other performance issues which negatively affecting your users. It supports almost every popular tool like GitHub, Slack, Hipchat, JIRA, etc. Raygun is trusted by some of the most renowned brands like Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Azure, Dominos, etc.

Cost: Price Starts at $19


These are some of the best bug management tools you can use for your Python projects. Sentry is the free and simplest one out there. If you are looking for some more features for free, you should try Trac. The first two tools are perfect for individuals while the rest are good for small, medium, and large-sized businesses. If you know of any other good tool for bug fixing, do let us know in the comments section below.