Best Public DNS Servers to Speed Up Web Browsing

Best Public DNS Servers

DNS (Domain Name Server) is a system that translates domain names that you type in a browser into their IP addresses. For instance, if you type, the system will give you the IP address of website. Basically, it is a database of IP addresses and their respective domain names.

The ISP that you are using will give you the DNS every time that you access the internet. Some DNS services are slow and can cause websites to load slowly. The best solution is to use a free public DNS server. The best public DNS servers come with features which speed up the load-time, block spammy sites and even have content filtering feature.

So, which DNS server should I use? In this article, I have compiled 4 best public DNS servers that you should consider using.

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1. Google DNS

The primary DNS IP addresses of Google DNS server is while the secondary one is It is a free public DNS that can replace the nameservers that you are using. There are several attractive features about this public DNS server.

First, Google DNS server scores quite pretty well in terms of privacy. It is capable of filtering any personal information. It also limits the location to the city level and deletes any other information that can be regarded as personal within a span of two weeks. The server scores quite pretty well in terms of transparency. However, it is mainly recommended for experienced users.

Once you add the Google DNS, you can check the internet speed on a website like to confirm if it had any impact on your overall speed.

2. OpenDNS

Owned by Cisco, OpenDNS is one of the most popular names in the public DNS service arena. It comes with an array of features which you will love.

OpenDNS is known for speed. It reduces the load time of the webpages by a big margin. In addition to that, you will enjoy a 100% uptime guarantee. It also offers high levels of privacy whereby it can block phishing sites. The server comes with an advanced filtering feature that you can use to block different sites.

In addition to being free, OpenDNS comes with an excellent customer support service. You can easily send an email to the customer center and you will be assisted. The server is ideal to both the experienced and the newbies.

3. Comodo Secure DNS

Comodo Group has a good reputation when it comes to internet security products. When it comes to providing DNS service, the company does not disappoint. It has done a commendable job in ensuring that the users of Comodo DNS enjoy this service to the fullest.

As expected, Comodo has put more emphasis on the safety aspect of the DNS. Apart from blocking the phishing sites, Comodo Secure DNS will warn you about sites that have spyware and malware. It also has the web filtering feature that you can use to block certain types of content. It has a top-notch security feature that blocks malicious and phishing websites.

In terms of the performance, Comodo Secure DNS does not disappoint. The server uses a smart routing technology which enhances the speed of the websites. This DNS service is not complicated hence can be used by both experienced and intermediate technicians.

4. Cloudflare

Cloudflare is a very popular public DNS server. It is highly regarded as the best content delivery network. Although Cloudflare scores pretty well when it comes to DNS service, it does not have unique features as compared to other DNS servers. Instead, it is more focused on providing the basics. For instance, it ensures that sites load faster.

When it comes to privacy, Cloudflare will delete any logs that are in your server within 24 hours. It also maintains the highest standards of auditing. The only problem is it lacks an advanced content filtering feature.

The above is considered the best public DNS servers. Is there any other that you think has been left out of this list? You can add it in the comment section.

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  1. The best solution is probably to rely on your internal resolver that, if well administered, be quicker than all the others on internet. In addition, you control the data your are sending to any DNS provider on Internet and could add your own security requirements…

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