5 Best Free Machine Learning Courses To Learn Online

Machine learning is one of the most promising career paths one can pursue. The career entails building systems that can act autonomously without being explicitly programmed or closely supervised. Being a machine learning expert will introduce you to a new world of opportunities. Your expertise in this field will always be in high demand.

Free Machine Learning Courses online

Let’s say you want to learn machine learning. But you are not ready to enroll in a university or college that is offering the course. Don’t worry. There is quite a number of amazing websites that offer this course. Here are some of the best websites that offer courses to learn machine learning for free.

1. Google Machine Learning Specialization

google machine learning specialization


This is a detailed machine learning course that is offered by Google through Udacity. Although the course is well-curated for the novices, it can come in handy for learners who have some level of experience in the world of machine learning.

Google Machine Learning focuses on teaching learners the aspects of building self-teaching systems and training machines to learn from complex datasets.

The course is ideal for anyone who wants to develop and implement any type of machine learning project. This can be building a basic machine learning technology to implementing a neural network technology. Aspiring data analysts and data scientists will also find the course useful. From this course, you will learn how to use open source libraries and other important tools for machine learning.

2. Machine Learning Course by Andrew Ng

Machine learning course on coursera

This is a Stanford University-sponsored course that is offered through Coursera. The online machine learning course is tutored by Andrew Ng who is the founder of deep learning unit at Google. He is also the head of the AI unit at Baidu.

The course is available online free of charge. However, you can opt to pay for the certification which will help you when it comes to job hunting.

The covers an array of the core machine-learning topics that are applicable in the real world. You will also learn how to implement machine learning when developing web applications, mobile applications, data analysis, among others.

3. Learn with Google AI

google ai MLCC machine learning course

This is a free machine learning resource that is owned by Google. The company launched it with the purpose of promoting machine learning and artificial intelligence among the public.

This resource has quite some valuable information that can appeal to someone who is just getting into the AI arena. Since its aim is to be beginner friendly, you will learn some basics of AI such as designing neural networks and using TensorFlow.

The course is also suitable for those with some experience in machine learning. You will only need to pick a module that suits your interest and pursue it.

4. Machine Learning Course By Columbia University

Machine learning course on EDX

This is another university-sponsored machine learning course that is available for Free. It also gives learners an option of paying for the certification which will be used as a proof of competence.

The course will teach you methods and models that you can use to build machine learning applications for solving real-world problems. Some of the methods that you will learn include supervised, unsupervised, probabilistic, and non-probabilistic learning methods.

The course is detailed and well-structured. It has lots of learning materials and each topic is accompanied by exercises for testing your understanding. You can find this course on the edX platform.

5. Machine Learning with Python by IBM

Machine learning with python course on EDX

There is no doubt that IBM has quite a reputation when it comes to training that is related to technology. This course teaches the basics of Machine Learning using Python, one of the top programming languages for machine learning. You’ll learn about Supervised vs Unsupervised Learning algorithms including Classification, Regression, Clustering, and Dimensional Reduction.

You’ll also about the popular models such as Train/Test Split, Root Mean Squared Error, and Random Forests. This makes it one of the most reliable online resources from where you can learn machine learning. The content on the website is provided in different formats and there are exercises to test what you have learned.

As you can see, you don’t have to worry about where to start with machine learning. The websites in this article have all that you need to get started.