10 Best Python Courses For Programmers and Developers

Anyone who is in the IT industry must have noticed the hype that Python programming has gained in recent years. It is obvious because of its very large scale implementation in machine learning and AI, more or less because of its easy syntax. Python is a general-purpose, interpreted, high-level programming language with a huge developer community. That’s the reason programmers are more interested in python.

Best Python Courses For Beginners

Here we are presenting you the best python courses provided by Udemy that are popular and affordable for everyone.

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1. Complete Python 3 Masterclass Journey

The Complete Python 3 Masterclass Journey provides you to learn programs in python using story-based learning method. As you proceed and by the end of the course you will be able to implement Object-Oriented Programming, working with PDF and CSV files with Python, establishing cryptographic concepts, etc. You will get 10.5 hours on-demand videos, 5 articles, 1 downloadable resource, etc at price $9.99.

2. The Python Bible

The Python Bible course will make you know and learn nearly everything to do programming in python by building 11 projects using well comprehend steps. This course has  9 hours on-demand videos, 3 articles, 3 downloadable resources, 11 coding exercises, etc at minimal pricing of $9.99. This is really a very impressive course in my personal experience.

3. Data Analysis with Pandas and Python

The Data Analysis with Pandas and Python course teaches you analyzing data quickly with the help of Pandas library and it includes all datasets required. This course composes of 19 hours of videos, 2 downloadable resources, 1 article for $9.99.

4. Complete Python Web Course: Build 8 Python Web Apps

The Complete Python Web Course: Build 8 Python Web Apps will guide you on how to build from a beginner to expert-level of web applications using Python and Flask. This course consists of 16 hours of value videos, 2 downloadable resources, 11 articles, 6 coding exercises, etc just for $9.99.

5. The Complete Python Course

In The Complete Python Course, you will learn the fundamentals of Python programming language while you get to build up the project, you will learn how to automate data extraction from websites, OOP concepts, asynchronous programming and using algorithms. This course adds  27.5 hours on-demand videos, 48 articles, 5 downloadable resources, 24 coding exercises, etc. for $9.99.

6. Python for Beginners: Learn Python Programming (Python 3)

Python for Beginners: Learn Python Programming (Python 3) is the course in which you will learn how to program the easy way in Python 2 and Python 3 by using examples, quizzes, and exercises to keep you going. This course includes 2.5 hours of value videos, 1 article, 25 downloadable resources, etc. for $9.99.

7. 30 Days of Python | Unlock your Python Potential

The 30 Days of Python | Unlock your Python Potential will teach you about using Python for web scraping, IoT, big data etc. Aside from building applications, you will also learn how to send, read, and parse emails, read/write CSV files to work in Excel/Numbers, pull data about businesses using the Yelp API, etc with python. This course provides with 9.5 hours on-demand videos, etc for $9.99.

8. Python OOP: Four Pillars of OOP in Python 3

In Python OOP: Four Pillars of OOP in Python 3 for Beginners course you will come to know how to code in Python but is different from the previously mentioned courses, it ferrets in focusing in Object Oriented Programming but using simple terms. It contains 2.5 hours videos, 1 article, 16 downloadable resources, etc at a price of $9.99.

9. The Complete Python Masterclass: Learn Python From Scratch

The Complete Python Masterclass: Learn Python From Scratch will teach you all the Python programming concepts using Python 3. You will also learn how to automate social media posts with Selenium, understand all Django and Flask concepts, build GUI applications with Tkinter etc. This course includes 23.5 hours videos, 38 articles, 1 downloadable resource, etc. for $9.99.

10. Learn Python Programming Masterclass

The Learn Python Programming Masterclass course guides you on Python programming language and it is presented by the world-famous Masterclass. It provides with  42 hours videos, 12 articles, 12 downloadable resources, 12 coding exercises, etc. at the pricing of $9.99.

So, here are the courses from which you should pick up one to excel your skills on python, you are getting all these courses at a discounted price because Udemy is celebrating its user base of 30 million users. It might get end up soon, so grab your deal quickly with lifetime access. And do not forget to leave your valuable opinion down in the comment section.

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