5 Best Work From Home Computer Science Jobs

One of the benefits of belonging in the tech industry is the ability to work remotely. With the massive technological advancement that we are enjoying, you don’t have to seek a 5-7 job opportunity. Remote jobs in DC and Silicon Valley are readily available for tech enthusiasts who want to work at the comfort of their homes. Some companies even provide allowances for their devices and internet connection.

You can deliver your work even when you are several continents away from your clients. Computer science is just one of those courses that have plenty of work-from-home job opportunities.

Work From Home Computer Science Jobs

To bring the point closer to home, here are some of the best computer science jobs that you can do from home.

1. Web Developer

Web development is one of the career options that can be pursued by a computer science graduate. The job entails developing a website from the scratch, modifying its layout, and ensuring that its functionalities meet a client’s specifications. As a web developer, you will be responsible for developing a web application and ensuring that it runs smoothly.

As a web developer, you must be proficient with quite a number of web development languages. In fact, you should be good at both the front-end and back-end of web programming. Apart from web design and development, you need to have a grasp of various security measures for web programming.

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2. User Experience Analysis

Computer science can equip you with the right knowledge and skills which you can use to become a UX Analyst. Basically, this job title entails analyzing and measuring the interaction between a user and the system’s user interface. You may be required to analyze a website, a mobile application, or even hardware.

Almost all companies want to launch websites or apps that will give their target clients an enjoyable experience. Before launching a site, they will hire UX analysts to analyze various aspects of the product. Apart from analyzing the general layout of an app or a website, you will also be required to analyze the behavior of the platform. How does it react when certain actions are executed?

3. Technical Writer

Are you good at writing? This is one of the computer science jobs that you can easily do from the comfort of your home. The job is ideal for someone who wants to try out something different other than coding.

As a technical writer, you will be required to write various technical documents. They include instruction manuals for software products, supporting documents, journals, and even relatively technical articles that are related to the tech field. With your knowledge of computer science, coming up with quality technical material shouldn’t be a difficult task to accomplish.

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4. Android/iOS Developer

While Android and iOS are two different platforms, all of them refer to one thing-mobile app development. If you are good at either of the platforms, you can capitalize on your unique skills to work from home and earn a decent income.

Many companies are now focusing to come up with mobile applications which will help them to reach out to their customers. As long as you are good at mobile app development, such opportunities shouldn’t pass you. There are many successful mobile app developers who are working as freelancers. In other words, they are doing everything from their homes.

5. Software Tester

Before software is released to the market, there are various aspects that need to be put under scrutiny. This can be the user interface, database system, software security, speed, responsiveness, and version control.

With your computer science knowledge, you can become a full-stack software developer. You will be able to test mobile applications, desktop applications, and even desktop software. You will be testing all the components of software such as the database, security, speed, software functionality, and even user experience.

At the end of each test, you will be required to give your recommendations and even state the necessary improvements that should be done.

The above are just some of the computer science jobs that you can do from home. If you have any CS job that is not on this list, you can share it in the comment section.