How AI and ML Can Help Fight Against Cyber Attacks

Artificial Intelligence is making its way into various organizations and corporations. But still, the discussion that whether AI is a boon or a ban is a never-ending one. Despite the fact that the AI program was written in 1958, it has seen tremendous growth in recent years. We have seen Sophia, Alexa voice bot and many other similar examples that are making people wonder how is this field can turn against humans.

The Current Scenario

Experts are researching ways to add AI into different domains, and cybersecurity is one of them. With time, the online attack techniques have also been improved. This is a time when black-hat hackers are moving towards fileless malware, advanced hashing cracks, etc.

artificial intelligence

On the other hand, companies are launching new software, web applications and also upgrading their old online services at a fast pace. But the question still remains the same – Are they following the latest security norms in their software?

According to Analytics Insight, the security model of serverless computing platforms like AWS Lambda is totally unique in relation to customary computers, but still, it’s not appropriately secured by the standard model of checking file hashes against known malware tests.


Ultimately, if your goal is to safeguard your enterprise frameworks from the latest forms of cyber attack, you must need a complete monitoring solution that’s capable of identifying strange patterns using Machine Learning at the earliest stage possible. This is one of the best future-proof security tips you can start working on.

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Of course, it’s still not possible to save your system from every kind of cyber attacks, but if the program recognizes any strange activity or pattern, it can automatically create a backup of important files, release resources and can even turn your system off.

People are excited about Artificial Intelligence because it just entered the Education, Health Care, Parts Assembling and Cybersecurity. As things will move forward, they will definitely realize the vulnerable effects of AI.

Benefits of Using AI and ML in Cyber Security

You can Automate the risk discovery using Artificial Intelligence without the involvement of people. As we know, AI is based on machine learning and so will automatically improve over time. This is the only method present right row that guarantees you complete error-free cybersecurity.

Both public and private organizations have started putting more money and resources on AI innovations. This will not only help in protecting sensitive information from attacks but also open new doors for further advancement.

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We are dealing with malware and viruses for ages. The Black Hat hackers exactly know which and when the attack should be done. They have mastered the skill of attacking organizations without leaving any traces for cyber cells. But with AI, the defense will remain strong and safety will intact even against the series of attacks.

There are also many other areas where we can use AI to make the entire system more secure. Some of them are password protection and credibility detection frameworks like biometric logins. AI can be used to identify different physical attributes like fingerprints, retina scans, etc making the system even more secure.

Final Words

These are some of the areas where Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can help strengthen security as well as fight cyber attacks. We also can’t ignore that as security researchers and white hat hackers are exploring ways to add AI as a powerful defensive layer, the bad guys are also looking for ways to use AI as a weapon. Ultimately, we must have to work continuously to improve the security, make people aware of the assaults and be ready with our shields.