5 Best Computer Science Blogs to Read in 2023

Information is power. With the right information, you will be able to execute major moves. As a computer science student, there are several places where you can get knowledge and information apart from the classroom. One of them is through computer science blogs.

So, which computer science blogs are you currently reading? Maybe, you have not yet decided on what to read. You are still in the process of choosing the ideal blogs or websites for computer science. Don’t worry. I am here to help you with the selection. Here are some of the must-read blogs for Computer Science students.

Blogs for Computer Science Students

1. Communications of the ACM

Communications of ACM is among the leading online publications for computer and technology-related fields. It is a go-to resource center for most tech professionals. It has built a good reputation for publishing credible and reliable content. The blog boasts of having more than 100,000 loyal members. Most of these members have a strong background in computer science and related fields.

ACM publishes a wide variety of content, all of which are directly related to computer science. The blog covers the emerging issues in computer science, real-life applications of some computer science concepts, the latest technological trends, the most outstanding professionals in the field of computer science among many other topics.

The blog has been in existence for over 50 years which means that there is nothing that you won’t find on it. Whether you want to go down the memory lane of technological development or just get the latest news, you will find it on the site. It is definitely a resourceful blog for a computer science student.

2. Lambda the Ultimate

Are you a computer science student and you love programming? Consider becoming a member of the Lambda the Ultimate. This is a community-powered blog that mainly discusses programming languages and other topics of computer science. The forum brings together all sorts of programmers and tech enthusiasts. Both the experienced and the newbies are allowed to contribute their content on the site.

Whether you are looking for information that will help you in your academics or you just want to learn something that will improve your career, this is the site that you should join. Once you become a member, you can post content in the form of questions, announcements, or even a general statement. The content is moderated to ensure that it is in line with programming and computer science.

3. Computational Complexity

It always feels good to read content that has been published by experts in the industry. The information from them will be always accurate and written out of the experience. Well, that is what you will feel when reading the Computation Complexity blog. The blog was started by Lance and Bill, both are professors in different fields of computer science.

They publish different articles on the core topics of computer science such as programming and cybersecurity. The content of this blog is ideal for someone who intends to dig deep into computer science. You will get some valuable information that you need.

4. MIT Technology Review

This blog is owned and managed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. From the owners, you can easily tell that it is rich in content that is related to computer science and technology. The university specializes in research meaning that the content that is published on the plug is credible and trustworthy.

MIT tech review blog covers all types of computer science topics. Whether you are looking for academic content or the latest developments in technology. The blog is ideal for students who want to pursue computer science or already pursuing it.

5. Treehouse blog

Treehouse is a popular learning center for students who want to be experts in coding. Apart from coding, the website’s blog covers a wide range of topics that are helpful to computer science students. Some of the articles are quite motivating especially to those who want to get into the tech arena but are a little bit afraid.


By reading the blogs that I have mentioned, a computer science student will have an all-inclusive outlook on this course. You will acquire a wide range of information that will help you to approach computer science from different angles.

Also, keep in mind that these are just some of the best blogs for computer science students. There are many other computer science blogs that can enrich you. Do not hold back from exploring them.