Best Non Programming Jobs for Programmers

There is no doubt that you are a good programmer. You can use your excellent programming skills to build an application. However, you don’t want to work as a programmer. Maybe you have worked as a programmer for many years and you want to try out a different role. There could be other reasons that are demotivating you from working as a programmer. All in all, you want a job whose responsibilities involve different tasks other than coding.

The good news is there are such jobs Even though they are ideal for programmers, they involve minimal coding. Here are the top 5 non-programming jobs that programmers can do.

Non-Programming Jobs for Programmers

1. Product Manager at IT

This is one of the most lucrative job position that you can get as a programmer. Surprisingly, most product managers earn higher perks than software engineers and programmers. This means that apart from exempting you from the technical coding tasks, the job title promises to give you more pay.

Product managers are sometimes referred to as product owners. This is because they are fully responsible for the key aspects of the products. Product managers are required to design, monitor and oversee the implementation of products in their companies. This job requires some substantial level of experience in managing other products.

Although product managers don’t have to be coders, some knowledge in different programming languages can streamline the way you handle you perform some technical tasks.

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2. Technical Writer

It is true that you are a programmer. But, you may be having other passions. One of them is writing. You like developing content. Using your extensive knowledge as a programmer, you can easily become a technical writer. This can be the right career choice for you, especially when you want to do something that does not involve coding.

As a technical writer, your task will be to come up with content that is directly related to programming and software development. These can be documentation of a software, manuals, instructions, and press releases. With the programming experience that you have, you will be able to use the right jargons when writing. The job title will spare you from the programming tasks.

3. User Interface/Experience Designer (UI/UX)

As a programmer, you obviously know that one of the key aspects of a software is the user interface. Most companies tend to hire user interface and user experience designers. These two job titles are somehow related. They all focus on streamlining the interaction between users and the product. Although they are directly related to product development, they don’t involve coding.

As a user interface designer, your task will be to design attractive and efficient user interfaces. As a user experience designer, you will be responsible for analyzing and articulating the needs of the end users who are using a software product. These two jobs are highly lucrative and they don’t involve coding. The programming part will be performed by other people. Yours is to design.

4. SEO/SEM Specialist

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are two hot topics in the internet marketing arena. They entail marketing a brand on major search engines such as Google. As an SEO specialist, your role will be to organically increase the visibility of a brand on search engines. The higher it ranks, the more web traffic it receives.

SEM entails using inorganic means to attain higher ranks. Both SEO and SEM tasks can be done by someone who has someone who has some experience in programming. However, the tasks involve very minimal programming.

5. Technical Recruiter

Technical recruiting is another non-programming job that is ideal for a programmer. Companies are always on the lookout for programmers. They always want to hire the right person to do the job. As a technical recruiter, your task will be to help companies to recruit the right person.

Although the job does not involve coding, your programming background will play a crucial role in how you deliver the job. You will use it to ask the right questions during interviews. You will be able to vet candidates properly until the company ends up with the right talent.

With these job titles, you should not fear to step out of the coding arena. They are definitely ideal non-programming jobs for programmers.

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