Difference between Computer Science and Computer Engineering

What is the difference between Computer Science and Computer Engineering? We all must have thought of this at least at once in our lifetime. If you still haven’t figured it out or do not have a clear idea, read ahead to find more in detail.

Computer Science Vs. Computer Engineering

Some Foundation

The end goal of both the fields is to achieve progress in Technology and make life easier, be it through Software or Hardware improvements and innovations. So to begin with, let’s look at the definitions of either.

Computer Engineering (CE) is the combination of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, it mainly deals with computing in all forms, from microprocessors to embedded computing devices to laptop and desktop systems to supercomputers.

On the other hand, Computer Science (CS) is the study of how data and instructions are processed, stored, communicated by computing devices.

In simple terms, CE deals with the Hardware end of Computers while CS deals with the software/programming end of Computers. Now that we’ve established the basics, let’s look at how they differ at the University/College level from Career options perspective.

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University/College Offerings

So depending on what we choose as our field of study, be it CE or CS; both have common courses and also different courses/options at University. And all the courses begin with the basics of Programming. For instance, everyone goes through the basics of C/C++/JAVA/HTML/DBMS related topics initially to get a hold of the subject. Then based on their field they branch out to the Courses/Topics that mainly deal with their field directly. This is where the individuals go to the length and breadth of their fields to explore and also shape their career options.

Computer Engineers start by learning in depth about Computer Architecture, mainly the CPU and other components involved. They also take half of the classes what Electrical Engineers take such as Introduction to Electronics, Circuit Analysis, Digital Electronics, Embedded Systems and many more. Their course also includes fun projects with Electronics creating basic Electrical Equipment.

On the other hand, Computer Scientists focus mainly on Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Programming and Discrete Mathematics to solve some of the famous Algorithms and improve the efficiency of their Code all while reducing time taken to solve a problem. In a way, they both go hand in hand to solve day to day problems effectively and efficiently.


In much more simple terms, CS is the Back-end while CE is the Front-end and many more such analogies xD. Considering the advancements in Technology, many more courses have popped up which can differentiate CS and CE more effectively as well. To highlight, these options vary from country to country and even Universities. But I feel I’ve given you sufficient insight into this dilemma. Hope you have a better clarity than you did before and make appropriate choices for your Degree/Career.

See you guys in the next one!!