Top Challenges That Every Programmer Face (With Solution)

Programming is fun and no doubt, one of the most sought jobs of the 21 century. Your first experience with programming starts off exciting and you even like working and typing your code all day in the beginning. But wait; after a few weeks, the downside comes when you start facing challenging algorithms to solve. You might spend long hours sitting at a place hunched over your keyboards, staring intently at the computer’s screen and wondering, What you came up with sitting all those time?

You feel frustrated, lazy, irritated, and bored, roaming with a gloomy face, sick at heart that where you have landed yourself up into. You start questioning yourself whether programming really meant for you or not. Should you continue doing it? Especially, when you have spend few months in coding and you feel like nothing is paying off.

In this article, I will try to list down some of the challenges that we generally face while programming and will try to mention some points that will keep you motivated for programming and stick with your decision.

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Challenges That A Programmer Might Face?

As this is a wide topic to explore and talk about also considering the ambiguity of this question, I will try to discuss the most common responses and feelings that I feel are more important. It might be something else for others.

Well, learning to code is a challenge and takes time, test your patience, dedication, and brain. Coding is a bit like going to the gym. Even if you max out and spent a whole weekend, you will not see a visible difference in your body. You need to keep yourself motivated all the time to face new real-world problems.

It does not matter whether you are a beginner, experienced, or pro. Coding sucks to all, sometimes it gets pretty depressing if you don’t understand how to come up with a solution. In that case, just go with the flow and keep looking for the solution.

Programmers face lots of challenges on a daily basis when they are programming software from scratch, doing competitive coding, or solving a common problem that is related to social welfare using the concepts of Computer Science. Programming is really a balance of many different things. It requires you to be creative and structured.

There are many challenges that I can write down but I’ll just list a few of them. It might be applicable to you or might be not but, it mostly depends on the work and nature of your programming domain.

  • Learning a new language at the beginning.
  • Not knowing what and how to begin to code?
  • Working with someone else code.
  • Keeping up with the technology, new concepts, and updates.
  • Debugging the silly mistakes.
  • Sitting for hours with no outputs.
  • Not Planning the Code.
  • Not understanding what the user wants from you.
  • Logical and analytical approach to a given problem.
  • All test cases while testing the code.
  • How to implement a solution efficiently within less time?
  • Going through boring and poor documentation.

And, there are many more…

Solution To The Above Problems

The more regularly you practice learning to code, the more likely it is that you’ll start seeing your coding skills. As technology is changing rapidly every day, you must find time to keep up with important changes that might affect your skills. If you don’t want to get stuck at a place or restrict yourself to technology then, simply keep learning.

Whenever you find yourself hunched up and board, take a short break. Go on a vacation and enjoy. When you come back, start thinking again about the problem you left behind. If you are a beginner, just start with any language as no language is perfect to start with and there is no shortcut to success. It is just your passion, devotion, and time that can make you a better programmer.

You can change the fact that your job is not just programming but you are making something that might be used by millions of people. Just imagine this, don’t you feel good that you will be responsible for those happy and smiling faces. If you are stuck somewhere in your code, have a short walk or a cup of coffee and start again.

Fixing bugs in programming eats a lot of heads. Debugging is the option but it may sound overwhelming, doesn’t it? And it is even more so for new programmers. Some bugs are easy to fix, some take a little time. But, a lot of problems just have no clue. This is a frustration for new programmers and it is your duty to fix them at any cost. You must have a good debugging strategy while coding. you should test your code block frequently to ensure that everything is working according to your need.

Working on logical reasoning to increase your thinking capability in terms of cases is a good choice. A good programmer is who breaks a big problem into small parts and then solves that one by one. Start thinking that way. Think like a user and then implement the problem. This might end up in a much better solution.


Here’s the truth that most people deny or refuse to tell but my friends, if you are learning to code for the sake of learning to code, it’ll be pretty difficult for you to get good at it.

Skills that require a lot of time to grab depends on internal motivation which is very hard. I can honestly say to you that, coding on my own projects is one of the most enjoyable things I do. It combines logical thinking with creativity and in the end, you will have something that you can feel proud of and this is what motivates most people. But, it tests your limit of thinking and determination. So, don’t give up and keep trying. Good Luck!