Why Log monitoring matters for better customer service experience

67% of customers are more than willing to switch lanes and move to other service providers immediately they have a bad customer service experience from your business. This means an issue such as your online platform taking painfully long to load without any changes will push customers away from transacting with your business. While it is mostly regarded as an afterthought, log monitoring can help reduce the instances of losing such customers.


A log is simply a digital footprint left behind after an interaction with your online network or even server systems. Depending on how you use the data, the kind of information contained in the logs recorded by your company can either make or break your business. For a wise company, investing in log monitoring solutions could mean a bright future for the business.

Here are four aspects that make log monitoring an essential part of conducting business:

Proactively Handle Upcoming Issues

In most cases, problems can be spotted from miles away. It is only when you aren’t paying attention that they might be the detriment of your system. By studying the logs of your online applications, routers, firewalls among other areas, you can identify any problem areas before they turn into a pain.

For instance, if you are monitoring your cloud-based applications using Amazon Cloudwatch and you notice a surge in the number of events produced, then this should raise alarms. The normal rate or events might be 300-400 messages meaning that recording 500 messages might be a red flag. You can choose to dig deeper into this issue and probably find looming problems such as viruses and react to them immediately.

Handle Customer Complaints with Some Insight

Complaints are among the most vital tools for perfecting your craft as such feedback allows you to cover any loopholes in your line of work, according to Survey Monkey. However, when not attended to immediately, the complaint can spawn an angry customer who might even spread the word about their dissatisfaction. Luckily, you can study complaints through logs.

Since the logs act as digital fingerprints, you can identify where the source of the problem is and the most probable remedy. Instead of using guesswork, the logs can help you study different trends in your business that can save you from havoc such as data breaches.

Improve Your Business

No matter how well your business has been doing, there will always be room for improvement to create more range between you and the competition. For instance, in case your website experiences a drop in traffic levels during Sunday mornings, finding a solution to reverse this will further work to fortify your business. With log monitoring solutions by your side, you can easily identify such loopholes.


Tactical and strategic business decisions will typically have to rely on well-informed research, and logs can provide you with just that. In fact, some records will offer you a fresh perspective of handling day-to-day operations in your business.

Regulatory Compliance

For companies that work in regulated industries, sticking to the set rules is paramount to avoid any legal issues that could affect their credibility as a business. For instance, if your company deals with medical devices, then holding medical data private is paramount, as noted by Info Guard Security. To monitor your company’s compliance, some regulatory systems might strongly recommend the use of log monitoring solutions.

The extensive recording and monitoring of your logs can provide the regulatory bodies with valuable details about any discrepancies in your compliance. Regardless of whether you conduct business in a regulated industry or plan to venture into one, investing in log monitoring solutions will help you stay compliant as well as build your brand credibility.


Happy customers will always mean booming business for you. Luckily, putting smiles on your customers’ faces is as easy as monitoring your logs to deliver tailored services. Consider investing in log monitoring for the above and more benefits.