10 Types of Viruses That Can Harm Your Computer or Smartphone

In this modern world where almost everything can be done online from the comfort of your home, there are many security threats which can harm our devices, files and important details. Some of these threats are minor while others can be a lot dangerous.

Today, in this post, we would be discussing 10 Types of Viruses that Can Harm Your Computer. So without any further, we do, let’s jump straight into it, should we?

Types of Viruses

10 Types of Viruses

Please note that this list is in no particular order. Also, Read: What’s the Difference Between Viruses and Malware?

1. Browser Hijacker

Have you faced a situation when you don’t enter any web URL in your browser, but it automatically bounces you on to specific pages?  This is exactly what a Browser Hijacker does. These type of virus can be detected quite easily with the help of an excellent Anti Virus utility.

2. File Infector

This is one of the most common virus out there. What this does is it attaches to the files on your Hard Disk and infect your files. These files can be of any format, but one of the most common is a document and Video file.

3. Polymorphic Virus

These types of viruses are quite harder to detect as it keeps changing its operations over time. These viruses can encrypt themselves which makes anti-virus programs unable to identify them.

4. Source code Virus

This type of virus looks for the source code on your machine and infects it. This can be a lot dangerous at times. However, this can be removed with the help of an Anti Virus tool.

5. Encrypted Virus

These type of viruses encrypts themselves to protect themselves from the Anti Virus Softwares. It carries an algorithm for decryption with itself which can help it in execution.

6. Multipartite Virus

According to the name, this type of virus harms multiple parts of a system. These parts include boot sector, memory, and various files.

7. File Virus

This virus attaches itself to the end of files. Though it does not harm the file, it makes their execution unfunctional. However, good anti-virus software can remove such virus.

8. Macro Virus

This virus affects the files which are created from utilities that support macros. Some of the most common being Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. People unknowingly downloads it from the internet.

9. Boot Sector Virus

This virus was most common on floppy devices. Since almost, no one uses Floppy Disks nowadays, they are not common nowadays. However, if it exists, can cause some major issues as it starts infecting at the startup of your machine which is the reason why it is known as Boot Sector Virus.

10. FAT Virus

This type of virus harms your file allocation system, the place where important information about the files and their properties exist on your machine. This can cause significant problems in long-term if not removed.

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So that’s it guys, those were the 10 Types of Viruses Can Harm Your Computer. We hope that you found this helpful. Let us know your view about it in the comments section down below.