Top 5 Best Productivity apps for iOS

Recently I did an article about the top productive apps for Android. Since I didn’t want to do injustice to our fan base that belongs to the category of Apple enthusiasts, I researched and came up with the iOS version of that article.

If you own an iPhone or an iPad you are most probably a perfectionist. It is highly likely that you want optimization and smoothness in the tasks that you do. Your Apple device can help ease your personal and professional life by providing you with a lot of apps that will help you in increasing your productivity.

Top 5 Best Productivity Apps for iOS

The list I’m about to present contains both paid and free apps.

1. Google Docs

“Google Docs” is one of the finest document creation apps. You can easily create, edit and manage documents on your iOS device. It also allows you to collaborate with others on the document. You can add comments to your documents to easily remember important points. The app allows you to respond to comments with ease. You can open, edit and save your Word documents.

It supports many languages like Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, French, Galician, Georgian, German, Greek, etc. The work can be taken offline for personal convenience. Above all, it’s free.

2. WeDo

The app can be used to track individual tasks, tasks that require your regular attention, as well as the tasks you set for yourself to change your lifestyle. The app also supports subtasks. More impressively, it also packs task-sharing and chat features. You can create ‘Tribes’, which is the app’s way of denoting groups of your co-workers, or members of your family, with whom you’d like to share tasks. Everyone in the Tribe can use the inbuilt chat feature, to follow up with each other, if needed.

3. Toggl

Basically used for analyzing yourself on a particular assignment. One of the best productivity apps for iPhone, Toggl is a great alternative to time sheets. You can also track down how much time you can spend on different projects and assignments of any topic and type. Effective time management starts with being lucid on approximately how much time you actually spend on your projects and tasks. It also helps in analyzing the ways that help us to manage our projects more effectively and efficiently.

4. 30/30

It is a free task manager App being only available to iOS users and is one of the finest in its genre. If you are a procrastinator, it is definitely the app for you. Simple yet attractive, the 30/30 App is fully customizable since you can customize time, color, notifications, and task lists according to your taste. Tap-magazine has named 30/30 as one of the top 100 organizer Apps for iPad.

5. 24me

A virtual remote control your daily life, 24me does most of the daily tasks like paying bills, making a to-do list, micro-gifting, and tasks related to the calendar, banking, and social connectivity. You don’t need to type tasks since you can easily give instructions by speaking out to this amazing App. You can easily sync the Outlook tasks in the 24me app. And above all, 24me maintains the highest security standards so that you can enjoy the app without any worry of a breach of privacy and data theft.

Which one is your favorite tell us in the comments.