Best Websites to Download Free Computer Programming eBooks

As a personal fan of reading, I have got my fair share – or more than my fair share of books. My digital library is massive. There is joy in finding a website which has exactly what you need. Books! And best of all, when such are available for download at no cost. Have you been wondering where to get legitimate programming e-books? Here’s a list of suggestions:

Best Websites For Free Programming eBooks

1. Oreilly books

This website has books in almost every computer science domain, ranging from programming to cyber-security. The best thing of all is these books are written by professionals on the topic of interest. Simply navigate to a topic or programming language, or use the search bar to find what I need. By the way, if you’re a beginner web developer, do get this book from Oreilly books. I for one found it very helpful, as it contains five web technologies as well as many projects and a full-blown project (building a basic social media page) at the end.

2. Tutorialspoint

This is a personal favorite of mine. It contains basically everything. Beginners, no matter their programming language, would find what they need here. Their programming books, especially those with a focus on mastering a particular programming language, are tailored for beginners.

It includes everything from the history, appropriate software and curriculum. Of course, there are appropriate examples on almost every page. Their books are available as PDF downloads for those who prefer offline reading.

3. GoalKicker

This site is a recent discovery of mine. And I am so glad I found it. Their books have been a real help. After looking through a few books, I discerned that most of their content is written by a group of contributors, often from popular sites like Stack Overflow. All those documentation questions asked in the community have been salvaged to write helpful books on several programming languages, frameworks, and concepts.

Practical examples are available. Simply click on a book on their site and navigate to the download button. Most books come in hundreds of pages, and some, like this android programming book clocked over a thousand pages.

That should put into perspective how much useful information the books carry. It’s impressive that the content of GoalKicker’s books is crowdsourced from diverse contributors. Different people, different ideas equates to a perfect compilation of pages. Did you know that you can also propose to add or update something from existing books?

Final Words

Hopefully, the above sources help you get what you want. Obviously, there must be other sites out there with good, free and downloadable books. I stuck to mentioning only the spots I’ve personally used, so as to give accurate reviews. I’m always looking forward to finding and reading new books. One cannot have too many of them. If you know any cool sites which I may have left out, do mention in the comment section.