5 Best Free CSS Tutorials For Web Designers and Developers

You may have completed some tutorial in CSS. You know a few style properties and can maybe build a basic website. It’s about time you took things to the next level. There is a lot that can be done using CSS apart from styling text. You can bring about animations, perspective, and draw vectors with pure CSS.  If you’re going to build a site, you might as well use CSS to make it more beautiful and interactive. This list comprises of the top CSS tutorials to complete in order to level up your CSS skills:

1. Coding artist

How to make pure CSS images to progress with design-focused frontend: This video course guides you through the basic steps of creating vector graphics with CSS. You’ll enter with little CSS knowledge and emerge with creative, artistic skills. The instructor follows a step by step guide and gives assignments and quizzes at the end of lessons in order to guide the student.

At the end of the course, you’ll receive a certificate after completing and submitting one final task. One cool feature is the comment section, where you can ask questions and get quick responses. If you’re up for the task, you’re prompted to join the 50CSSImages challenge, where a challenge is delivered to your inbox for 50 days. You move from zero to hero in CSS fast.

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2. Spheres

It’s all about circles. We see spheres everywhere we go. Eyes, rocks, fruits, Earth etc. To create a perfect sphere takes much more than setting a border-radius and adding a shadow. There’s more. You’ll practice shading by working with radial gradients, you’ll work with perspectives and 3D tactics, learn how to give a shiny, metallic view sphere. The lesson culminates with a realistic looking animated eye, a silvery water bubble, and a tennis ball.

3. SVG animations with CSS:

First of all, take a look at this site. Looks good, right? The objects are drawn right before your eyes. SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) can be embedded into CSS in order to create more complex animations, especially of drawing-like animations.

4. What The Flexbox?!–Flexbox Course (WTF1)

The CSS flexbox can be a pain to learn, with all the wrapping, centering, rows and columns to keep track of. Thankfully, instructor Wes Bos creates a fun course which teaches the flexbox fundamentals in an easy-to-understand video course. As the lesson draws to an end, it gets more fun because you tackle real-world challenges, for example, building a mobile app layout.

5. CSS grid tutorial

This layout system in CSS lets one create flexible two-dimensional layouts. With its added power comes more syntax to master. This 25-part course demystifies everything. It teaches the fundamentals, then gradually shifts to the more advanced parts. Responsive website development will finally be at your fingertips

As you work on being a web designer, you cannot do without CSS. Learn it and learn it well. Don’t stick to the basics. Get advanced and start creating. Unleash your creative spirit. If you’re looking for inspiration on what can be built using CSS as a major tool, check out Codepen.