The 9 Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2018

The trend of learning a programming language is growing day-by-day. There are more than hundreds of programming languages that one can learn and this makes it difficult for the people to choose among them. Each language is different from its alternatives on the basis of difficulty level and complexities.

Here, we have compiled the best 9 programming languages that you can learn to get better opportunities in your future. So, have a look:

Best Programming Languages

9 Best Programming Languages to Learn


Java is the most favored and popular programming language. Most of the organizations and android applications depend upon the JAVA program. The program is completely compatible with all the hardware and operates with all the system. Java Virtual Machine, LinkedIn, eBay and Amazon are some of the listed sites that utilize this program.

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In case you are a new learner of the programming language, then python is undoubtedly the best language to be learned. It is a high-level language and extremely easy to understand. Most skilled professionals also use this program for their tasks. Python is the most ideal program for profound and machine learning. Also, many sites and applications also depend upon this program. NASA, Google, Reddit, and Instagram are some of the players that prefer python.

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3. C#

C# language was created by Microsoft for the purpose to develop applications on its .NET stage. It is used by various apps such as windows, android, and iOS. It is extremely flexible and mostly used by engineers for creating mainly gaming apps.

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JavaScript is the potential language that proves to be really helpful. Many websites out there have some sort of JavaScript code, especially when it comes to handling user inputs and validation. When used along with HTML and CSS, JavaScript creates the most dynamic and interactive pages. When it comes to beautiful front-end development, JavaScript is the go-to language. Its framework such as Angular JS and React works perfectly with the mobile devices. Node.js framework has proven that it can also work great in the back-end.

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5. PHP

PHP is the most well-known programming language till the time being. It is an essential instrument used by the engineers for the site development. Enormous apps such as Facebook, Wikipedia, and WordPress utilize this language for managing content as a part of CMS.

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Ruby is one of the best programming languages of all time. It’s framework “Rails” was the first one to introduce MVC architecture in web development. This language is very easy for the fresher to learn. There are various reasons for choosing this language over others which includes mechanized testing, a coding dialect, and its quick advancement.

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7. C++

This programming language is a bit difficult yet important to learn. Numerous big firms utilize this language as it gives the engineer more control. C++ dialect is an expansion of C programming language. The reason that differentiates it from the C program is that it allows the objects to be created within the code.

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8. C Programming

C language is considered to be a relevant language as it owns portability and productivity. It is a language through which major ideas of the programming is communicated. That’s why it’s called the mother of programming language. The major developers that use C are Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac and many more.


This language is perfect if you are an iOS app developer. It was launched by Apple in the year 2014 and it is incorporated with a high-level security system and also has a high code readability feature.


So, these were the top 9 programming language that you can opt for learning. If you think we’ve missed any important programming language, please mention it in the comment section below.

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  1. This is such a sad list.. Scala, Golan, rust is nowhere and c++, c in top 10 to learn? Everyone knows c and c++ preferably Java if they have done some programming.

  2. The logo for JavaScript in the big image is wrong. JavaScript just copied the name from Java, and nothing else.


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