10 best online resources to learn JavaScript Programming

Javascript is one of the most demanded programming languages. Though it might not be the easiest, trust us it is not that much difficult as well. If you are
someone interested in building web applications or pursuing a career as a web developer, you should definitely consider doing your programming homework and learning this language.

If you are someone who has learned any programming language or even have tried, then the chances are that you already know that it’s all about being practical and having the right resources.

We understand, maybe you don’t have any programming institutions near you or maybe you don’t wanna spend much. Well, the reality is that the internet has basically every resource for every programming language you are willing to learn, you just need to find them.

So today, in this post, I would be covering 10 Best Online Resources to Learn JavaScript programming language. So without any further, we do, let’s jump straight into it.

10 best Online Resources to Learn Javascript

Let us first take a look at the available resources for a Complete Beginner.

Complete Beginner

1. JavaScript for cats

If you are a complete beginner and does not know anything about the Javascript, then the JavaScript for cats is the perfect resource for you.

Now, let us take a look at some of the resources which are suitable for someone who is not a complete beginner but new to javascript.


JavaScript Learner

2. Codecademy’s JavaScript Track

Codecademy is one of the best beginner-friendly resources for any programming language. Also, for Every Level of Expertise.

3. Udacity’s JavaScript Basics

Chances are that you have already tried out Udacity, it’s a great online resource that is quite famous and has some great resources for beginners.

4. MDN JavaScript

MDN Javascript also has some beginner-friendly tutorials and lessons along with the glossary of JavaScript functions.

5. Learn JS

Learn JS is a great free resource for beginners which allows them to write and test their code on the website itself.

6. Khan Academy 

Khan Academy might not be the most famous one on the list but is very beginner-friendly and is recommended for those who have never tried any programming language before.

Now, let us take a look at some of the resources available for the Intermediate.


JavaScript Intermediate Learner

7. Eloquent JavaScript
This is a book rather than a website. The very first 4 chapters of this book can really help an intermediate a lot. You should definitely consider taking a look at this amazing resource.

8. CoderByte

CoderByte is a great platform for problem-solving in the Javascript. These coding problems help one in improving his skills.

Now, let us take a look at some of the best sources for an Advanced Programmer.

Advanced Programmer

Advanced JavaScript Programmer

9. Egghead.io

Egghead.io is another great Website where you can teach yourself with the Video Lectures from the professionals.

10. Douglas Crockford Videos

The Douglas Crockford Videos are a really good resource for advanced Javascript Programmers. Just in case you don’t know, Douglas is a Hawaiian-shirted employee at Yahoo who believes in helping others by teaching them to code.

Did we miss any? Well, let us know in the comments section down below.