From Health to Security: 2018’s Lifestyle App Must-Haves

Since the dawn of app stores, new and improved mobile applications are popping up and completely outperforming their predecessors. Among the best are lifestyle apps meant to help users make their day easier, healthier and more organized. If you want to shed a few pounds or simply boost your overall health, there’s an app for that. If your goal is to regulate your schedule or organize your files in a safe, secure manner, there’s an app for that too. Take a look at a few essential lifestyle apps you should try out in 2018.

Fit & Functional


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Even the health nuts among us will sometimes find it difficult to keep up with daily fitness routines, impeccable eating habits and maintaining a healthy body overall. With our current Golden Age of mobile app development, however, it takes a true effort to avoid the helpful aids designed to keep track of our health, workout routines, diet, vital body readings and much more.

Whether you had a banana for lunch or indulged in a bucket of fried prawns, there’s an app to help you log in and learn from your daily eating habits. You can even download an app that delivers healthy food to your door so you have one less thing to stress out about when starting a new diet regimen. Meanwhile, there are literally thousands of fitness apps out there. They can be linked to a Fitbit or other fitness bands to really optimize your results. Applications like Endomondo allow you to track the progress of your health goals, exchange notes with friends, keep an eye on your heart rate and much more.

A Proper Night’s Sleep

We often underestimate how essential and beneficial a proper night’s sleep is. Not only does a regulated sleeping schedule benefit to your physical health, but it is also crucial to keeping your mind active, focused and functioning throughout the day.

Some of us may have trouble sleeping or don’t know how to keep track of how much sleep we’re getting, apps like Alarm Clock Xtreme work wonders for different types of sleepers. At its very core it’s an alarm clock app but, in addition to recording your sleeping habits, it examines trends and issues. If you have trouble waking up in the morning, it provides you with different ringtones to ease you out of bed in the most comfortable way. Apps like this will help you appreciate how important sleep is for your overall well-being.

Safe & Sound


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Your phone or laptop is often the closest object to you: it stores all your contacts, e-mails, personal photos, videos and so much more. Ensuring that the most significant aspects of your life or business are kept confidential is crucial – increasing numbers of security issues are not to be taken lightly.

Our names, addresses and financial information can be kept safe with apps like Trend Micro, which provide an array of security measures against phishing sites, ads riddled with viruses, malware, and other invasive software. Trend Micro also manages battery and memory levels on our phones, so it preserves our beloved devices while also keeping us safe from attempts to invade our privacy.

Working out, sleeping well and feeling safer has never been simpler. It’s oft been easy to neglect these simple lifestyle needs but now it’s even easier to cover all the bases of day-to-day life. Most of these apps are available on both Google Play and the App Store, so you can begin your search straight from your phone.