6 Reasons Why New Programmers Suck at Programming

In this tech-loving world, programming is a very useful skill to have. Plus, it may come in handy when you need some extra cash. Nowadays, it appears everyone is trying to write some code for themselves. The number of self-taught programmers is rising. Some get really good at the craft. Others do not. For those who do not, there are probably some inconsistencies in their learning approach:

Wanting to know everything at once

No, you cannot learn Java, C, JavaScript, and Python at the same time. You’re going to have to focus on one. Master one first, before moving to the next. Admittedly, every programming language out there is ideal for different purposes, and at first glance, you’re tempted to want to know them all as fast as possible. You will get there, but you’re going to have to take it at a slow pace. One at a time.

This goes especially for the beginners. A baby doesn’t start walking straight from the womb. You have to slow it down. You should also check my list of 5 worst habits every programmer must avoid, It’ll make sure that you are on the right track.

Just reading and watching

The internet is filled with tons of programming tutorials; either in written form or as a motion picture. You’ve collected them, and you may spend all day reading/watching them. This is not going to help you unless you begin practicing. Reading and writing code are two different things. You may read the syntax, and think you get it, but once you get to an editor, it starts to get frustrating. Get typing and compiling!

Relying only on tutorials

Tutorials are helpful, no argument there. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try another approach. Instead of trying to follow tutorials, pick out a project you love and imitate it. Github is a programmer’s best friend. Open source projects are everywhere. One way to increase your skill is to look at actual programs, try to understand the code that makes them work and possibly try to imitate it. You will be surprised at how fast you’re learning. Also, this is more fun.

Not interacting

One should really make use of social media and the many online communities flooding the web. Learning is not all about watching and listening. Sometimes, you have to talk also. Head out to communities like StackOverflow, Quora and maybe programming subreddits.

Ask questions and voice out your worries. There will always be someone online to answer your questions. Interact with the coding community and meet others with the same passion as you. You never know when/where a good friendship can build. Here are the 5 Best Online Communities for Programmers and Developers

Not practicing enough

We all know the popular saying: “Practice makes perfect”. It’s true for every skill. Humans are prone to forgetting stuff with time. And unless you code often, you will eventually forget. Even masters need to practice. Create a schedule. Try to write at least a few lines of code from time to time. This way, it will become forever implanted in your brain. Also, with the more practice you get, the more you get better at debugging. You can immediately know where you go wrong in your code. You get familiar with errors (Especially those where you may have forgotten just one bracket or semicolon).

Not testing yourself

You think you know, but just maybe you don’t. Get quizzes, look at a few questions and try to answer them. Then you can be confident of yourself. There’s also competitive programming. Find a few challenges and test yourself. You should consider making use of these top programming contest websites to enhance your coding skills


Find out what learning approach works for you. If you find it easy to learn just by reading and no practice, feel free to do so but that doesn’t work for many and it’s unusual. In the end, what matters is mastering the skill. Remember that the learning process never ends. There’s always something new to learn. You just have to be willing to.

29 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why New Programmers Suck at Programming”

  1. Great article..You wrote about open source projects available.May I know where can I find some?Especially Java projects..

  2. Bullshit
    New programmers are way better and faster then old ones.
    And we don’t need practice algos like old people did , we can make them anytime we want .

    • That evil spirit will get you nowhere. You are talking out of ignorance.

      How are you faster and WAY better at something than others who have been practicing it for decades?

      Oh, you can make algorithms anytime you want? Wow you must be a genius. Please write a book about it, I love a good laugh.

      I don’t normally reply to these stuff but man I’m glad I did.

    • That’s how new programmers feel till they commit blunders. And then it is realized that a trainer is so worth it

    • Rishav,

      Please give your details , I m willing to interview with these skills . I can assure it’s a top notch company. I know u will not make it with that sick attitude.

    • Just chill bro. This rule applies to every programmer. He just saying don’t rush to become master. It takes time by practicing step by step.

  3. “Wanting to know everything at once

    No, you cannot learn Java, C, JavaScript, and Python at the same time. You’re going to have to focus on one. Master one first, before moving to the next. ”

    Tell that to the colleges, universities, and the next job you get

    • I disagree, any competent learning institution will start with 1 language and stick to that language until you are reasonably competent in that language.

      Although I agree that completely mastering a language before moving on is very rare.

      And if you are experienced enough to get a programming job, you are experienced enough that most of the new things to learn are building on previous knowledge rather than being completely foreign.

  4. Agreed, I have also been programming for 4 years and I really feel I haven’t improved much… At least not to a level where I expected to reach.. I will definitely try a new approach

  5. Hi, I mostly try to learn sql server and asp.net mvc in office and practice c# ( basics ) at home. I just want to know that is it good approach or should I focus on only one thing at a time.

  6. I try to give two hours to Asp net MVC and c# at home. Is it good or I should go with learning one thing at a time.

  7. Thanks for posting this helpful, well written article.
    Learning programming, or any other thing one takes up, requires you to sit at one place have a plan of action for your study.

  8. Lol… All programmers are like this. I’ve met 10 year in developers that aren’t resourceful and met two year in developers that are. New programmers don’t suck, some programmers in general suck.

  9. I like this article so much!!! All what has been written here is true!!! New programmers are always excited when they get into the world of programming!! I think that even a 3 year old programmer is still having problems with learning and mastering one language at a time due to the ego to catch up with different Jobs


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