5 Worst Programming Habits Every Programmer Must Avoid

There have been a lot of programmer things which we’ve talked in the past. Today, we will discuss a very important topic that makes our programming unprofessional and will also discuss more what are the things one (a programmer) should not do or are considered as bad habits of a programmer.

Habits that prevent you from being a good programmer

1. Learning from tutorials but no practice

Many of us choose to watch the tutorials and learn from there which indeed is a very good initiative but what 80% of us do is that we just the tutorials and what they show but we don’t actually practice it ourselves which make your research zero because programming is all about practice as every other work.

More you practice the better you become and if you just watch the tutorial and doesn’t work on it then watching a tutorial remains of no use. That is why one of the best things about a good programmer is practicing which helps him learn and remember more things.

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2. Leaving your doubts unsolved

Coming next to leaving doubts unsolved. And that is the human nature but we suggest that leaving the doubts unsolved is just fine till school level only and obviously not in professional life. For example, if you are working on some website and you face some problem and then you seek out a friend for help and he does it for you but you do not even care about knowing how you couldn’t do it or what was the problem you were facing because your work is done. In such a situation a good programmer always finds out what his mistake was and work on it.

3. Not trying to expand your knowledge

No matter which field you are in you always have a lot to learn and same is when we talk about programming. So one should always look forward to learning more and expands his knowledge and working skills. For every human, there is are lots of ways to gain more knowledge about their field and so are for programmers.

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4. Copying code from others

Copying word doesn’t sound good in itself and as everywhere else it also applies if you are or being a programmer you should always make sure that you learn by yourself and create things by yourself.

5. Test before moving forward

While you are learning something it is suggested to always cross check with yourself by practicing it that you understood it well rather than just moving on to the next topic and then forgetting about what you learned in the previous one.