Top 5 Linux Distros for Programmers and Developers

Best Linux distributions for programmers

Linux plays a huge role in the computing industry. It is an open-source operating system that is widely used in web servers, supercomputers, and the Internet of things. This is a well-known operating system in the fraternity of the open source world. Due to its terminal-based user experience, not many people were fans of it. It is a fact that a lot of general PC users don’t like Linux and uses GUI-based operating systems such as Mac OS and Windows.

Coming to the programming world, Linux is known to a lot of developers but not all. There are many programmers who use Windows and Mac OS purely because of its GUI compatibilities. And every OS has its own merits and demerits as well. If you think about back-end programming – programmers often choose Mac OS. To code enterprise software Windows is the best in the market. On the contrary, if you come out of these two OSes, you can experience the power of Linux for programming.

To use Linux for the purpose of programming, picking the right distro from the plenty of Linux distributions is one of the difficult tasks. So, I simplified the task by picking 5 distros that are best suitable for programmers. Distributions like Debian and Ubuntu are the best among the others that offer compatibility, power, stability, and flexibility for coders.

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Here are 5 Best Linux distros for programmers

1. Debian

Debian - Linux Distro for Programmers

Debian GNU/Linux distribution is the mother distro of many other Linux distributions. Debian and Debian downstream distros have a special space for programming and offer a lot of features for coders. There are many reasons behind Debian being the developer-friendly operating system. A large number of packages, tons of tutorials to solve your issues and get better at whatever you’re doing makes Debian popular. Debian is one of the best distros for advanced programmers and system administrators. And it is not recommended for beginner developers.

2. Ubuntu

Ubuntu - Linux Distro for Programmers

Ubuntu is most popular among Linux users which is a beginner-friendly distribution. It is one of the best Linux distros for desktop users. We should be thankful for the support provided by the open-source community to bring constant innovation into Ubuntu. This distribution is also said to be the Debian-derivative that is mostly used in cloud and server applications. Ubuntu has its own Software Center consists of tons of free applications that make the OS programmer-friendly. To boost programming on the distro, it also supports the popular .deb package management system.

3. Fedora

Fedora - Linux Distro for Programmers

If you looking for the most cutting-edge Linux distribution then, Fedora is on the top. Its small release also delivers cutting-edge features. This distro is community-driven as well as sponsored by Red Hat. Due to its smart auto-config and updated packages, Fedora is the developer’s perfect programming operating system. The release cycle of Fedora is 6 months that makes the distribution updated and stable. The forum is a very friendly platform to share your problems and get them solved.

4. Arch Linux

Arch Linux - Best Distro for programmers

If you are die-hard Linux enthusiasts then, Arch Linux is for you, Which comes with Linux kernel and package manager. This distribution is highly customizable as per user requirement that makes a great Linux distro for programming and other development purposes. You can expect a lot of support from the company because people in the Arch community are experienced in programming at some level. It teaches you a lot while getting your system ready. If you have experience with Linux, you should definitely try Arch and build a personal system.

5. Raspbian

Raspbian linux distro

Raspberry Pi mini-computer is a credit-card sized computer widely used in various schools around the globe. For every new update, this mini-computer is getting more powerful and popular. Most of the schools using Raspberry Pi mini-computer for Linux Programming and teaching basics of coding. The Raspbian OS based on Linux consists of tons of programming tools by default. This makes it a perfect Linux OS for learning programming. Raspberry Pi and Raspbian gives a better combination to learn to code and jump into the world of DIYing.

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  1. Poorly written article, not only for language. N basis given to selection. Ill informed – Linux is no longer only command line.

  2. I am using Fedora for a long time. A very strong fan of it. I have tried Ubuntu and Arch Linux. But I feel a strong stability in Fedora. Hence do not want to move to any another distribution.

    I haven’t tried Debian yet. And Arch Linux is also a great distribution.


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