Skype Recently launched a real-time code editor for coding interviews

How an individual tool it is! That has launched recently a real-time code editor for coding and technical interviews.  How it simplifies the typical task of switching between the interviewer’s call and the code editor is a magic! It is quite comfortably possible now to execute coding coupled with technical interviews. The tool contains very many other characteristics which follow. is a source being used for private and business purposes round the clock.

Moreover, it itself suggests innumerable ways to be used for one’s own benefit.  Every consumer no matter potential or non-potential achieves whatever he/she is aimed at.  The services rendered by are really appreciable to make our work whatsoever easier.  Its use for free is one of the most exceptional features of it that we use to our utmost benefit all the time.

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Salient features of skype Coding Editor:

  • Helps the consumer host a video call on top of code editor running in the Microsoft edge or chrome browser
  • How an individual Preview at the top of code editor running in the Microsoft Edge or Chrome Browser
  • A consumer no longer needs to download any app. thus can access just on browser
  • The code editor supports at least 7 programming languages C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python and Ruby
  • Provides a real-time execution feature to help save from syntactic errors in the course of an interview is set as default language
  • English is set as default language

Works currently for browser only English redesigned version of the app. in near future.  It is also expected that such a version will be launched with varieties of other features supporting more functions and language as well.  The consumers will definitely find the current one a magic of its kind and will fully enjoy working on it.

How To Use?

The seekers who look for new platform will be in able to switch over to Skype’s interview website where they will find to click on “Start Interview”.  Then calling some to the call will start the interview and that all will be possible with a real-time code editor.

No doubt, there are a variety of solutions of executing interviews with the remote technical talent available on the market such as Codility, CoderPad, Interview Zen etc., but the advantage for using Skype’s platform makes it an easy and regular tool for doing remote call video calls of any sort.  It can speed up the interview process.

In the meanwhile, the in-browser real-time code editor allows the candidates run their code and have results and highlight the errors and eventually catch and make corrigendum thereof accordingly.  The most individual feature is the tool needs browser only to set to English and visit

Unlike other tools, one neither has to download the Skype app. nor install plugins.  This practice saves us time and repeated efforts to clicking in to do so.  It is really a very simple and easy process one has to work out.

Another prominent characteristic is that we can test interviews in various programming languages during the same session because there we find a button in the upper-left letting you switch between the multiple options.  Since its introduction, the crazy ones have jumped over using it like hot cakes.