Top Gadgets to Make Your Bedroom Smarter

For anyone who thought that our bedrooms were the last refuge against the onslaught of the digital revolution, there’s a wave of gadgets that look to supercharge how we go about getting some rest.

From smart alarm clocks to mattresses that can monitor the quality of your sleep, it seems as though our bedrooms are finally starting to feel the benefits of the technological revolution.

The biggest problem that most of us have in the bedroom is actually getting up in the morning. But rather than seeing the alarm clock as our mortal enemy, one exciting Kickstarter project is looking to create a device that makes the mornings a little less terrifying.

Beddi smart alarm

The Beddi smart alarm clock has picked up rave reviews for the way that it performs simple functions like slowly turning on a large light before your alarm activates. And with the neat ability to sync with apps like Spotify, Uber, and Nest, it is certainly one of the smarter ways to start the day.

Another good option for those who are seeking some help in their sleeping habits is to check out some of the latest smart blinds that are out there. After blocking out the early morning daylight in the summer months, they can be programmed to automatically rise so as to illuminate your room with a lovely natural night when you are ready to get up.

But for those who are seeking a little more information about how well they are sleeping, the Eight Smart Mattress could be a good idea.

Eight Smart Mattress

Although it’s not cheap, it will give you a daily sleep report each morning that details time slept and sleep stages. And with a smart way to manage the temperature of your bed, it aims to ensure a cozy night’s sleep without being too stuffy. For more info, you can check the review portal site and also for other latest mattresses trends in the market today.

Most of us will spend some time using a smartphone or tablet in bed, and IKEA has catered to this trend by creating a very stylish bedside table that can wirelessly charge your device for use once you wake.

And if you’re looking to improve your bedroom entertainment even further, there’s also the prospect of enjoying a lazy Sunday morning in one of Bedstar’s super king-size TV beds for the ultimate in binge-watching luxury.

And finally, the Dyson Pure Hot and Cool Link device aren’t cheap but it can ensure that the air in your bedroom is purified which is a great help for anyone suffering from allergies or breathing difficulties. Whilst it might not be as glamorous as a TV bed, it illustrates yet another way that tech is helping us in the bedroom.

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