10+ High-Quality WordPress Themes for Home Repair Services

If you’re running a handyman or home repair business, it is important for you to reach out to as many potential clients as possible. In this day and age, there is no better way to do this than by building your own website. Establishing a strong online presence will help people find your business, see which services you offer, and get in touch with you in a matter of seconds.

WordPress gives you everything you need in order to build a visually attractive and highly informative website. You don’t have to know anything about coding or spend too much time updating your page. This platform allows for simple, time-saving website management. All you need is a good, customizable WordPress handyman theme to make your site stand out from the others.

There are two important things to look for in a theme. First, your theme has to be SEO-friendly. With proper use, this will help position your website higher on internet search engines. Second, because clients will visit your website from a variety of devices, your theme must be fully responsive. Responsive themes will automatically adjust the content size to the screen resolution for optimum browsing experience.

There are many great WordPress themes that you can customize to best fit your needs. Some themes are built specifically for craftsmen and home repair businesses. They are designed to showcase the quality of your work and bring you the attention of potential clients. To help you pick the right handyman WordPress theme for your website, we will highlight the best ones currently available.

SpeedyFix – Handyman Services WordPress Theme

SpeedyFix is ideal for businesses that offer different home repair services. It is a great universal theme that utilizes TemplateMonster’s own Power page builder. This neat tool helps you create an attractive-looking website even if you don’t know a single thing about coding.

You are given a choice of multiple layouts you can use every time you create a new page. The integrated contact form gives your clients an easy way to get in touch with you and schedule a consultation. Live Customizer allows you to see the changes you make to your page without having to refresh after each update.

This SEO-friendly and fully responsive theme also have a built-in blog feature. You can use it to share your thoughts and make sure your clients see that your services are just what they need. If you want to expand your client base and improve the performance of your maintenance services website, SpeedyFix is the theme for you.

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Tools at Hand – Handyman & Repair Services WordPress Theme

Tools at Hand is another excellent theme designed exclusively for craftsman, maintenance, and home repair services. It utilizes the Cherry Framework 5 for additional stability. The Cherry Projects feature allows you to capture the attention of your visitors by showcasing your work and successfully completing repairs. Unobtrusive background colors, the website slider, and the Parallax effect are used to emphasize your work and help you reach new clients.

With an advanced admin panel, the installation is as easy as it can be. Customize your page using a wide selection of widgets and modules to give your visitors all the information they are looking for. Invite your clients to sign up for your email newsletter and keep them up-to-date with your work and special offers.

This theme is fully responsive and SEO-friendly. The minimalist design and beautiful colors will bring out the best in your work and allow your visitors to recognize the quality of your services. Your home repair services website will surely benefit from using Tools at Hand.

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Extrafix – Maintenance & Home Repair WordPress Theme

Here’s another SEO-friendly, fully responsive, Cherry Framework 5-based theme. Extrafix is created for home repairs services websites and comes with some very handy features. The Appointment Manager plugin allows your visitors to schedule an appointment with your professionals right on the homepage of your website.

The Cherry Services plugin will help you attract new customers with its great set of tools. Cherry Testimonials gathers information on your clients’ experiences working with you and publishes them on your website. Cherry Team Members showcases your team of workers and highlights their individual qualities and professional working experience.

The drag-and-drop Power page builder allows you to customize every page on your site in just a few mouse clicks. The neutral yet visually appealing colors round out this beautiful and comprehensive theme. Extrafix provides the exact look your maintenance and home repairs services website needs.

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Smartwood – Carpentry & Woodworking WordPress Theme

Smartwood is a beautiful theme to use on your carpenter services website. It comes with calm backgrounds, clear fonts, and the Lazy Load effect, which allows for easier access and better organization of your site. You can customize the design according to your needs using the Live Customizer.

This theme is built with the drag-and-drop Power page builder and implements numerous custom modules and widgets that will make your website even more user-friendly. Showcase your team, your client’s testimonials, and the services you offer. The contact form helps visitors get in touch with you easily, while the Google Maps integration lets them find the location of your office without any hassle.

If you want to propel your carpentry business to great heights by attracting new clients, this original and good-looking theme will help you with that.

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Summit – Roofing Responsive WordPress Theme

Though primarily intended for roofing services, the Summit theme can also be used to showcase your industrial and construction work. It utilizes high contrast background and text colors for a gorgeous, visually appealing design combo. The Live Customizer and the Power page builder will let you tweak this original design until it’s completely to your liking.

Your clients can schedule a consultation session with you in less than a minute using the Appointment Manager plugin. This theme integrates sticky drop-down menus that make it incredibly easy to showcase the variety of roofing or construction services you provide. Detailed information on each of these services will be only a click away.

Summit is an SEO-friendly and fully responsive theme. It will help you run your business smoothly and also help your customers find you and reach out to you very quickly.

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Plumbing Services Responsive WordPress Theme

PlumberPro is one of the best WordPress themes for plumbers out there. It sports a clean and simple design but still manages to pack lots of features that will help enhance your business and expand your customer base. Your clients can reach you easily using the appointment manager, which shows them when your experts are free for a consultation session.

You can use tables to showcase your pricing plans and the corresponding details. If you’re running a special offer, the countdown timer will show the time left until the offer expires. This will push your visitors to contact you promptly and take advantage of your discounts or special service packages. The option to display your previous clients’ testimonials will certainly help you bring in many new customers.

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Plumber & Repair Services WordPress Theme

PipeRoni is another great plumber WordPress theme designed for plumbing and repair services. Its clean design and high customizability allow for quick setup and maintenance of the website. You can adjust the colors and fonts whenever you want, as well as choose from dozens of useful content modules to make your site richer in content and the information it provides.

This theme supports the Cherry Projects plugin, which gives you a powerful and convenient way to showcase all the good things about your work. You can create a captivating grid gallery, share your clients’ testimonials, add a variety of Cherry sidebars, or introduce your visitors to the members of your team. All of this and more is available in just one compact, easy-to-navigate, and attractive theme.

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Roof Repair WordPress Theme

This simple and clean theme is custom-made for roofing services websites. The compact design helps declutter all the unnecessary information from your homepage and provides a more informative, to-the-point browsing experience. It is built using the Cherry Framework 4, and comes with numerous premium features you will rarely find included in WordPress theme packages.

The Roof Repair Services theme includes the MotoPress editor, which lets you customize the look of your website and all the individual elements using a simple drag-and-drop method. The Cherry Simple Slider and MotoPress Slider allow you to create beautiful slideshows that showcase your successful projects. The theme is retina-ready, which means that it will look great even on high-density displays.

The cool drop-down menus and the overall simplicity of use make this an essential theme for all roofing business websites.

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Texon Plumbing – Maintenance Services & Plumbing WordPress Theme

If you’re running a plumbing and maintenance services business, you will find a great use for the Texon Plumbing team on your website. It is highly customizable and doesn’t require you to know anything about coding. The visual customization feature will also save you a lot of time on-site maintenance.

This theme is built using  Cherry Framework 5 and supports the use of various Cherry Projects modules. You can feature an impressive gallery of your projects, showcase your team members and highlight their skills, as well as people’s opinions on working with you. Inform your visitors about your services and special offers.

Texon Plumbing will turn your website into a beautifully designed portfolio and will surely capture the visitors’ attention.

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SmithPlumbing – Maintenance and Plumbing WordPress Theme

This is another excellent maintenance and plumbing services website theme. SmithPlumbing showcases your work in an eye-catching yet simple way, while also providing an excellent customer experience. Your clients can book a consulting session right from your front page using the Appointment Manager.

When visitors stumble upon your website, they want to be sure that you will give them the best service they can get. Your site will be more reliable when you include previous customers’ testimonials, galleries of your completed projects, and photos and bios of your team members. All elements of the design are easily customizable with the Power page builder, while Lazy Load allows for shorter loading times.

If you want your website to be functional, well-organized, and reliable, SmithPlumbing theme is the way to go.

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Elite Roofing Company WordPress Theme

Elite Roofing is a wonderful-looking and very clean WordPress theme intended for renovation, house repair, and construction company websites. Using the Power page builder, you can drag-and-drop elements of the design until you’re completely satisfied with how they look. You have the opportunity to make your website look unique and unlike the others, and you don’t need any knowledge of coding to accomplish that.

The built-in Cherry Projects plugin allows you to create a website that will serve as an excellent portfolio for your business. Include photos and descriptions of your projects, testimonials from your clients, and highlight each member of your team. The more content you add, the more credible your website will be.

With its numerous advanced features, Elite Roofing is a theme that will make it easier to promote your business and attract new customers. After all, that is the main purpose of your website and this theme will help you get there.

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As you can see, there are themes specifically designed for every single home repair and maintenance service your business offers. They were all created with a particular service in mind, which makes them much easier to use than other, non-specific themes. So for example, if you operate a plumbing business, you should use a WordPress plumbing theme to make your website functional and visually captivating.

To help you make the choice, we have included different themes for different types of maintenance businesses. You can have a strong online presence by using one of our repair WordPress themes. Choose the one that best fits your professional needs and you are ready to go. There are many other great handyman WordPress themes to choose from, but we highly recommend those included in this list.

In addition to being easy to use and containing a variety of excellent and useful features, they are all SEO-friendly and fully responsive. These properties will help your website excel on the internet – your customer base will continue to grow, and your site will keep attracting new visitors.

Have you tried any of these themes? If so, please share your experiences in the comments below.