The Five Essential Ways to Increase Email Subscribers

Your email contact list plays a dominant role in your marketing campaigns. In 2012, there were about 3.3 billion account holders around the world. That number is expected to mount up to 4.3 billion by the end of 2016. According to recent studies, an email list that is continuously growing stands to be of utmost benefit. It could attract new clients, build strong relationships, and enhance sales as well as the bottom line. However, increasing the number of subscribers definitely stands to be a challenging endeavor.

In the following discussion, we are going to explore some effective methods, by which you could add new names to your list without spending much time.

Get More Email Subscribers in Less Time

  1. In your email signature, if you add an Opt-in Link or hyperlinked call to action (CTA), you would be able to convert almost every receiver into a subscriber. Although each provider is different if you have a Gmail account, click on settings and then go to general, where you would find the signature section. Here you need to add a link, which can point either to a homepage, landing page, or an appealing article.
  2. You could turn your popular published materials into lead magnets. This would compel the readers so that they subscribe to your list. There is no need to get disappointed if you do not have the time or skills to create a PDF checklist or e-book or a series of videos and infographics; you could easily convert your posts to something handy and attractive.
  3. Using Twitter could also help you to get more subscribers. You just need to link your landing page to your Twitter bio. Go to the edit profile section and add the relevant link. You could also leave a pinned tweet on your page so that it can earn retweets and favorites. Make sure to choose a tweet that has the capability of enhancing the subscribers.
  4. In the present times, almost everyone uses Facebook. Well, thus, just like Twitter, you could pin a Facebook post too. Owing to its nature of high visibility, the post is sure to acquire many likes and comments. If this pinned post is pointed to your landing page or any kind of optimized article, then those clicks would surely help you to get more subscribers. Select the post and click on ‘Pin to top’. In the year 2014, this social media channel has been redesigned so that businesses could easily meet their targeted goals. It is the CTA or call to action button with which you could place a strong link anywhere on Facebook. There are some buttons that come with this method and you need to choose one that would attract more subscribers. Studies show that ‘Sign-Up’ is by far the best option.
  5. According to recent studies, marketers, who spend a lot of time on social media would most certainly get more email subscribers and lead generation. However, just being on the platform would not help, you need to use that time actively. How are you going to do that? Share posts that are relevant to your business domain. For instance, if you are a restaurant owner, then publishing photos of dishes would be helpful. Make sure to use this time purposefully.
  6. While popups might have a bad reputation, they’re four times more effective than static embedded sign-up forms on your site. While popups can be annoying if you’re following some less-than-savory tactics, popups can be a great way to build your email list without breaking your customer’s experience. For example, an exit-intent popup doesn’t take away from customer experience as it appears when your customer has already decided to leave your site. Offer a great incentive, don’t ask for too much information, and target your popups to only appear when they’ll be relevant to your customers. You might be surprised at how many new signups you get!

The above-mentioned points stand to be the most effective way to build email subscribers. Follow them and you are sure to succeed in the marketing procedures.