Take Your Online Security to an Extreme Level

Taking Your Online Security to an Extreme Level

If you take a step into the online world these days, online security has to be your first thought. If you’ve already got an app like Logdog installed but still want to take it to the next level maybe it’s time to go extreme with your security. With this in mind, here are a few things you can do that will up your security to extreme levels.

Secure Emails

One thing that email clients like Microsoft’s Outlook offer the ability to use personal security certificates. These allow for your emails that are sent from you to be encrypted, proving that the email definitely came from only you. To get your own certificate you’ll be able to get them online, and they won’t cost a thing.

Virtual Computing

The powerful computers we have in our homes today are capable of running “virtual” desktops for you to use. This adds another level of security between you and the internet. Using virtual desktops can be the way to “sandbox” certain tasks off in separate secure areas for the user, though some of us may see this level of computing as another unneeded complication.

Multiple Computers

This may be an expensive option, but you may want to have a computer that runs certain tasks. This is much like the virtual option but more physical. A believable scenario for this may be a computer for gaming, and another for more menial tasks. The “other” computer can be the secure environment that protects the files that you use for everyday tasks. The gaming computer will tend to be less secure to provide a faster environment for the latest games.

Cleaner Outs

The longer you use a computer the more details it will store about you. Sometimes it is good to have an extreme spring clean, completely wiping the computer and wiping all information from it. This provides you with a cleaner environment with less clutter for hackers to try and get hold of.

The Power of Being Incognito

Many browsers like Google Chrome gave the option to use it “incognito” but there is another level of this that can provide more protection. Through the use of virtual private networks, you can use the internet with your details (such as IP address) telling anybody connecting to you that you are in another location. The best web browser to provide the ultimate in security is also the Tor web browser that works to keep you truly incognito.

These are just a few options that can add to your security, and don’t forget the most popular one, don’t use Windows. While this works, it also restricts your use of some services, especially games. So if you are ready to give up Microsoft’s operating system, know what you’ll be losing