Hackers can recreate fingerprints using public photos to unblock iPhone

Many people believes that fingerprint scanning technology is the best way to secure iPhone. Everyone knows that this is a unique locking system nobody can hack into phones without owner’s touch. But, what if your fingerprints may not keep your iPhone safe any more.?

Someone has figured out how to use photos and commercially available software to break through an iPhone 6’s fingerprint sensor, which is known as Touch ID.

In a cyber security convention in Hamburg last week, a German hacking group, known as Chaos Computer Club claims that it can recreate your fingerprints from the other side of the world. they claims there is a way to copy your fingerprint, using your picture.

In the past, we have read many forgers have used tape, a scanner, glue and some plastic material to build a gummy fingerprint that can fool scanners. But the Chaos Computer Club says this is the first time when fingerprints have been spoofed from afar. The group’s leader “Starbug” said to CNN, he was able to recreate the thumbprint of the German Minister of Defense Ursula von der Leyen, from several news photos. He said he had HD photos of German Minister of Defense Leyen’s fingers while she was at a presentation in October — standing nine feet away from the official. The gruop leader said he wasn’t able to verify von der Leyen’s fingerprint was accurate, but he was still confident it was a workable copy.

There will be no need to steal objects carrying the fingerprints anymore. After this talk, politicians will presumably wear gloves when talking in public.

–Chaos Computer Club.

Whatever the hackers said but experts believe that there is no need to worry. The fingerprints are still more secure than regular passwords.

According to Dr. Elizabeth Cohen, Communication Studies Professor at West Virginia University:

Even though people are going to develop ways to hack fingerprint scanners, this doesn’t negate their effectiveness. Just like people find ways to hack into passwords, they’re going to find ways to hack into fingerprints. But in many ways, this system is still more secure than a traditional password.

The news was originally appeared at CNN .

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