Schools Kids hacked BMO ATM

A couple of school kids from Winnipeg has managed to hack into a Bank of Montreal’s (BMO) ATM operating system during their lunch brea.

As the story published in Matthew Hewlett and Caleb Turon, the grade 9 students, used an ATM operators manual they found online to get into the machine’s operator mode, according to Toronto Sun.

The operator mode asked them to enter password. However, the kids were successfully able to guess the six-digit password on the first try. The machine has used a common default password.

The kids reported about the issue to a nearby BMO Branch. However, Bank staff didn’t believe them. So, the kids asked the staff “Is it alright for us to get proof”.

They headed back to the ATM to get a proof and come back with the printout of how much money the ATM is currently having. They even changed the ATM’s Greeting Message to “Go away. This ATM has been hacked.”
This time, staff took them seriously and the Branch Manager to contacted Head security to take steps to fix the issue.

Ralph Marranca, Spokesperson for BMO said no customer information and accounts and the contents of the ATM were never at risk and are secure.