New Android malware Samsapo spreads via Text Messages

New Android malware Samsapo spreads via Text Messages

If you get a SMS from your friend asking “is this your photo?” with a link, will you open the link or not? We want a honest answer. Most of the people will do click the link.

If you do so, your device might get infected by a new type of Android worm!

Malware analyst from security firm ESET have discovered an interesting piece of malware, called “Android/Samsapo.A” that spreads via Text messages.
So far, the malware appears to be targeting Russian users. Once your device is infected with this worm, it will attempt to send SMS with a malware-link to your contact list in an attempt to infect your friends.
Cyber Criminals use the old social engineering trick to lure users into install the malware. It sends a message that says “is this your photo” in Russian language(Это твои фото?) with a link to Android application package(APK).

The malware is capable of downloading additional malicious files. It is also capable of stealing phone numbers, text messages, personal data, device info from the infected device. It doesn’t stop with spying, it also register the victim’s number to premium-rate services. So, the victims will lose money.

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  1. Can u pls tell me how to download Zedge 4.3.1 in India using proxy.. i tried but it doesn’t work..
    Thanks in advance


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