‘Dendroid’ Rat malware targets Android devices in India

The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) has issued a warning asking all Android smartphone users to be beware of a deadly virus ‘Dendroid,’ that can compromise the data stored on their phone. CERT warns that “the malicious application” allows cyber criminals to “completely compromise the affected smartphone and control it remotely.” RAT malware or Remote access toolkits provide a variety of spying options.
The Dendroid Tool Kit can invade your privacy, by taking photos with the infected device’s camera, enable audio, record videos, steal pictures from the device and much more.
“It has been reported that a malicious toolkit called Dendroid is being used to create Trojanised applications that infects Android-based smartphones. The malware is created by modifying the required permissions by any clean APK (Android Application Package) with Dendroid RAT functionality that allows detailed management of the infected devices,” says an advisory by CERT-In that comes under the Department of Electronics and IT.
CERT advises users not to install and download applications from untrustworthy sites and exercise caution while clicking on links from trusted/untrusted sites and install Android updates and patches as and when available from Android device vendors. Android phone users have also been asked to keep a check on data usage and unusual increase in mobile bills and battery usage. “Avoid using unsecured and unknown Wi-Fi networks. There may be rogue Wi-Fi access points at public places used for distributing malicious applications and make a practice of taking regular backup of Android device,” the advisory said.
According to a recent report by Cisco 99 percent of all malware targets Android devices. The report highlighted that 71 percent of web delivered malware was for android while for iPhone users it was only 14 percent.