Can I Bypass iCloud Activation Lock for Free?

“I wanted to set up my newly-purchased iPhone device (second-hand) but found iCloud activation lock stopped my pace. Is there a free way for me to bypass it as there is no more cost wanted to be added on the device…” From a forum user.

iCloud activation lock is a means of protection method developed with the Find My function on Apple to safeguard devices, which functions to prevent malicious intent to reset or activate the devices and cause data loss. When you get a second-hand iOS device without erasing it completely, new buyers probably face the difficulty of bypassing the iCloud activation lock. Therefore, some users begin to seek help to remove the iCloud activation lock as Apple will force them to enter passwords of the connected iCloud accounts.

Can I Bypass iCloud Activation Lock for Free?

Some of you would ask whether there is any free option to bypass the iCloud activation lock without paying any charge. Unfortunately, the only free way is by getting the passwords of the iCloud accounts used to activate the lock on the devices, and then deactivating the function manually with the official method.

“If it could be bypassed, it wouldn’t serve much purpose, would it? Apple can bypass it, if you can persuade them to do so.”

Once you get the password, enter it together with the iCloud account by reactivating the device from the startup, or go to Find My and manually turn it off.

iPhone/iPad Locked to Owner Without Password? No Free Solution…

Nevertheless, the free solution is only available when you know the password of the iCloud account linked to the device. Without a password? You can’t process the manipulation through Apple’s official path. Instead, third-party iCloud activation lock bypassers are the only helpers. Unfortunately, these tools don’t offer free service at all. Replacing finding a freeway, it would be a better idea to select the most competitive one to enjoy the best experience of bypassing the iCloud activation lock.

Best iCloud Activation Lock Bypasser of 2023

Through numerous comparisons, we discovered an outstanding iCloud activation lock bypasser offering excellent services to remove the lock, which is Passvers iPhone Unlocker. The program delivers stable performance, and according to a large number of its satisfied users, there has merely been no error occurred while processing iCloud activation lock removal. Compared with other competitors, it offers the highest success rate and brings you efficient performance to bypass the iCloud activation lock without passwords needed.

Detailed Features of Passvers iPhone Unlocker

Walk through the detailed introduction to all the sparkling features of the program below:

Wide Range of iOS Devices Supported

The program is regularly enhanced to bring the best compatibility for all iOS devices. It supports the latest iPhone 15 models and runs well with the brand-new iOS 17 system, making it an easy task to bypass the iCloud activation lock while failing to set up the new devices of any model.

Stable and Efficient Performance

With advanced algorithms applied, Passvers iPhone Unlocker can cope with your computer to ensure stable performance in managing the iCloud activation lock. It is also embedded with acceleration techniques to speed up the lock removal process and make it a time-saving task, greatly increasing efficiency in managing the trouble when you don’t have a password to bypass it.

100% Safety Guaranteed

Other than the efficiency, Passvers iPhone Unlocker also pays attention to security a lot. Therefore, the program is also embedded with protection techniques to safeguard data safety, preventing any hidden risk in privacy disclosure. The clean setup process and ad-free program interface also guarantee a 100% safe experience without worrying about malicious attacks from viruses or malware.

One tap to Bypass the iCloud Activation Lock Without the Previous Owner

In the following, also master the procedures to control this iCloud activation lock bypasser provided in Passvers iPhone Unlocker and remove the lock without the previous owner:

Step 1. Get your iOS device jailbroken first. Then connect it to your computer and run the installed Passvers iPhone Unlocker on your desktop.

Step 2. Select the iCloud activation lock remover function on the main feed of the program. Subsequently, your connected device will be detected and scanned by it.

Passvers iCloud Activation Lock Remover Tool

Step 3. When your device information is displayed, the Start Bypassing Activation button will also be provided. Click on it and the program will initiate the iCloud account lock removal process automatically.

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock


Currently, there are no free ways to bypass iCloud activation lock, unless you know the password and use the official method. Instead, if you need a password-free way, using a third-party iCloud account lock bypasser is the only method. Among so many options, Passvers iPhone Unlocker can make your cost worthwhile. Try it if you also need help to get rid of iCloud activation lock without a password!