How To Save Energy At Home Without Sacrificing Your Tech

Whether it be for your job or your hobbies, if you’re someone who lives by their tech, figuring out how to save energy at home can be tricky. There’s no getting around it: technology uses a lot of power. There’s good news, though – there are other, very effective ways to cut back on your energy use that don’t require you to sacrifice your tech.

We’ve compiled this list of ways you can make changes at home to reduce your energy use, and not one has to do with getting rid of your tech!

Get Draught-proof Windows and Doors

If you live in an older property – or, let’s be honest, any building that hasn’t been built in the last decade – then it’s likely that your windows and doors are not as efficient as they could be. Letting the draught in might be something your parents moaned at you about, but it turns out they had a point.

How many kwh does a house use? Spoiler alert – it’s a lot more than you think. And if you’re letting a windy draught in, any money you spend on heating your home is essentially being shredded. Upgrade your windows and doors, and you’ll instantly save money.

Spend Less Time In the Shower

We understand this one may be a bigger ask. Especially if you’re like us and you love a long, hot shower. But in these times of need and cost of living crises (especially if you’re unwilling to part with your tech), sacrifices must be made.

Did you know the EPA has put out guidance on how to shower more effectively? And here’s us thinking it was a simple task! If you choose to take this route, we have some advice so that you might not have to sacrifice those showers after all… that is, if you have a gym membership. Use their water – responsibly, of course!

Stop Using Standby

This is the only option on our list that requires some changes to your tech, but we promise it’s only a slight change! This goes for your consoles, your computers, your TVs – anything. When you’re done with them, switch them off. See, it’s not that big.

It’s straightforward to use the standby feature – especially if you’ll be coming back to it soon – but trust us. Standby uses a lot of energy. If the tech is plugged in – even if it’s not being used – it is using some power. Choosing to switch it off properly will save little bits here and there, but over the course of the month (and year), it will add up.

Use Your Tech and Save Elsewhere

We don’t believe you should have to sacrifice the things you love to save energy. Sometimes you need your tech for work and other times for fun. Regardless, there are other (and sometimes better) ways to reduce your energy use. Try these options and see how much of a difference it makes in your life.