Best Markdown Editors To Try in 2023

There are a plethora of text editors available nowadays. These are among the finest I’ve found for editing Markdown files, a fantastic and simple markup language for authors.

Markdown Editors

When you initially run Ghostwriter, you’ll see three panels appear: a vertical toolbar on the left, a standard menu bar on the front, as well as a taskbar at the bottom. You’ll find the outliner on the left, the editor in the centre, and a live display to the right. Ghostwriter is designed to be a distraction-free zone for writing. In case you’re interested in giving it a go, you may get a copy from Github or look in the repositories for your preferred distribution.

2. Joplin


Joplin’s many functions include importing from Evernote, importing from stacked directories, spelling correction, and labeling. This program is expandable, and it includes built in synchronization options with end-to-end encryption. The fact that memos are not saved as clear text with Joplin’s layered structure represented in the file structure is the main reason I no longer use this program.

Markdown Editors

This one looks great and works well. It’s a novel WYSIWYG interface for editing Markdown documents. It offers fairly standard file management joined with a file tree structure. It also has a handy overview panel so you can see your story’s framework at a glance.

Other cool options comprise a word counter as well as focus and typewriter settings that keep the active line underlined and in the screen’s centered. It’s an amazing editor that looks nice with a small learning curve.


This software is really straightforward, including a WYSIWYG layout with no extra panels or toolbars to get in the way. When comparing Chrome OS and other software platforms, I prefer Calmly Writer since it is more conducive to writing.

It’s the highest suggestion I can offer. It’s not only Chrome. However, there are also binary distributions for OS X, Linux, as well as Windows. The program is great for managing essays and shorter projects, although I’m not sure I’d trust it with a book.