The Promising Future of Apple’s Mac Mini

Rapid progress was made after Apple abandoned Intel chips in favor of its own patented option, Apple Silicon, in Mac’s CPU. The upcoming Apple machines are more productive and sophisticated than their predecessors. It’s hardly surprising that many consumers see the mammoth as having struck it rich.

Several polls demonstrate that the new Macs immediately won over Apple’s core audience. Almost every PC maker (save Apple) has been feeling the effects of the industry-wide slump. Only the latter showed growth over the previous year.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Apple's Mac Mini
Apple MAC MINI 2020

The original Macs powered by Apple Silicon had been out for a couple of years. Apple’s redesigned M1 chipset-equipped MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, and Mac mini were revealed to the public for the first time in early November 2020. Next came the M1-equipped revised 24″ iMac in 2021, then the M1-equipped revised 14″ and 16″ MacBook Pro in 2021, and finally, in March 2022, the M1 Ultra-equipped revamped Mac Studio desktop, making the current generation of Apple products the most powerful ever built on Apple silicon.

At the same time, the first generation of Apple CPUs came to an end, although the entry-level M2 is now included in the MacBook Air (2022) as well as the 13-inch MacBook Pro. Though it shows the promise to be the best work gadget ever, the Mac mini has been mostly ignored.

Only For $699

macbook air keyboard

Even though the M2 chip has already been used in entry-level Computers like the MacBook Air or the 13′′ MacBook Pro, the Mac mini is out of fortune for the time being, as we alluded to above. The 2020 edition offers the latter option (with the M1 chip).

It’s ironic that, until the release of the Mac Pro in 2019, Intel processors have been used in every Mac, save the one that is now on sale. This is the “ultimate” Mac mini, powered by a 6-core Intel Core i5 CPU. However, Apple is passing on a major change. In case you’ve never used an Apple product before, the Mac mini is a great place to start. Only a mouse, keyboard, and monitor are needed to get started with the simplest Mac ever (the basic model begins at $699).

The Takeaway

Apple's Mac Mini

Unfortunately, the Mac mini is not a reliable option for serious work. Non-stop operation certificates and ECC memory support are not present. Equally lacking are any professional-grade driver configuration options. There is currently no way to add additional expansion cards, including eGPUs, to a Mac mini powered by Apple SIlicon, but that doesn’t indicate it won’t be a possibility down the road.

It’s always dependent on the task at hand. This computer is adequate for a Software Engineer’s task. Indeed, there will be occasions when you are unable to do anything. For me personally, however, a fully loaded Mac Studio will eventually outpace the mini. Because sometimes, you require a lot of work done quickly, and the Mac Studio can do that, but the asking price is so much higher relative to the Mac mini that I’m hesitant to pull the trigger right now.