Here Are Few LinkedIn’s Most Underrated Advice

LinkedIn is a great platform for networking, developing your creative skills, and collaborating with customers. Most individuals just do not understand LinkedIn’s potential. Creating an audience on LinkedIn is quite easy, and here are some tactics that are often overlooked.

 1. Comment on top creator posts

LinkedIn's Most Underrated Advice

To get updates from your top creators, just visit their accounts and click the bell. When they make a new post, you’ll automatically be alerted.

Respond to their post with some deep reflection (ideally within half an hour). If you leave a remark, the creator’s fans will see it and maybe even investigate your profile. It’s also possible to get new fans if your remark is really interesting.

2. Respond to comments


If you’re going to write often on LinkedIn, you should also reply to the comments people leave on your posts. It’s not only about helping the LinkedIn formula so your postings get more views; it’s also about being a great person. Unfortunately, not all creators get back to fans. However, I believe it is respectful to reply. It demonstrates that you are paying attention.

3. Drop a Link

You should provide a link in the remarks of your LinkedIn article if you wish to attract more readers. One way many promote their newsletter is by leaving a comment on a blog article within the first 20 minutes. Rather than soliciting subscriptions, they just inform people of the content they make available every weekend.

4. Create a Bundle

Making use of a lead magnet is a great strategy for expanding your LinkedIn email subscriber base. Get creative and make something people will want to acquire. If you want to give out free motivation, you may put up a collection of your greatest emails, LinkedIn comments, or anything else on Gumroad and invite others to download it. Make a note of it in the thread’s comments.

5. Drop Your Calendar



The highlighted section is often used to showcase a site’s most popular content. According to what I’ve learned from Justin Welsh, highlighting your most popular content makes no difference. Your highlighted section should motivate readers to take action. This is why I have my calendar posted. Those interested in scheduling a call with me will find the process straightforward after seeing my profile.