How to make a video call through special services?

Today, there are numerous special services that are created for video conferencing. They are chosen by reading bloggers, iMind reviews, etc.

For video communication, you need a minimum of equipment – a computer, smartphone, or laptop, a webcam, and a headset with a microphone. The headset must have a noise-canceling function. Both wired and wireless devices can be used. In the second case, the main thing is to check the charge level before the meeting or keep spare headphones on hand.

The device receiving the call must have the appropriate software or browser installed. The listed devices and services are enough for personal calls from a regular workplace.

If the session is carried out from the conference room, additionally use speakerphones with echo cancellation or discussion systems with remote microphones. Cameras with remote control and 360° rotation and LCD panels for video demonstration may be needed.

Working video call formats

Creating a video conference for several people is not much more difficult than calling one subscriber. As a rule, interlocutors receive a link to the videoconferencing room or connect by calling a short number.

How to make a group video call:

  • selector format. Heard and seen only one or a few speakers;
  • broadcast format. When only the speaker is heard and seen, and there is no communication between other participants;
  • in a conference format.

In the latter format, everyone is connected to cameras and microphones and can speak without administrator activation.

How to secure video communication?

When choosing non-specialized programs, you need to follow enhanced security measures, otherwise, there is a risk of data leakage. Here are a few rules to help prevent problems:

  • choose special tariff plans for business meetings – they usually include more data storage;
  • for security, video calls must be end-to-end encrypted;
  • download applications only from official sources;
  • don’t share the link to the meeting through posts on social networks;

Another important point is to use the latest software versions.

How to choose a service for corporate video communication?

The main selection criterion is that the video calling app should work on any device and be simple. It is important that users can understand the main functions in a few seconds and connect from anywhere. What else to consider:

  • the number of participants in the meetings and the duration of the calls;
  • availability of tools for collaboration: online whiteboard, file upload, the division into groups;
  • availability of synchronization with the calendar, mailing, and scheduling calls;
  • compatibility in the equipment for meeting rooms;
  • the presence of a chat, functionality for creating polls and voting;
  • the ability to record, store and structure video calls made;
  • stable streaming and the availability of a free trial version with the features you need.

Before choosing one service, hold trial meetings with the team. Check the sound and video quality, ask technical support a question and evaluate the usability of the platform.