Fascinating Details About Apples That You Probably Didn’t Know

As everyone knows, Apple has led the industry for well over two decades. The firm first began producing computers in the 1990s, then transitioned to smartphone production in the mid-2000s, then became the top tablet producer in the world by the middle of the 2010s, and now producing tablet computers.

From above, the only real change in the company’s history is the expansion into new product categories. You have to throw yourself down to the bowels of Apple Valley in Cupertino, California, to get a true sense of the firm. In that area is the room containing the hidden treasure. There, you would locate Wozniak’s captive. There you’ll find the initial portion of the unfinished fruit. There you may learn some of the lesser-known stuff about Apple.

Let’s dig in.

1. The Advent of Siri


For as long as anybody can remember, Siri has been known as an Apple girl, just as Miley Cyrus was formerly thought to be a Disney girl until she went over the deep end. Strange as it may seem, Apple wasn’t the first to come up with the idea for Siri.

An AI development team at SRI International released Siri as an iOS app in the beginning. Two months following Siri’s debut on the Application Store in 2010, the tech giant purchased the voice recognition software and included it in iOS.

2. The Truth About Apple iPod

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The decade of the 2000s marked the peak of music dependency. Back when Peripherals were all the rage among young people, a game-changing innovation arrived on the scene and quickly cornered the MP3 player industry. The culprit was an iPod.

The iPod was Apple’s next best-selling product after the iMac. If instead of Apple selling iPods, Phillips did likewise, what would it mean?

In the mid-2000s, Tony Feddell took a concept of a new, more stylish MP3 player to many different firms. Phillips was one of the businesses that he contacted. Phillips, however, agreed with the other corporations that this would be a failure and hence did not buy the concept from Feddell. It wasn’t until he met with Steve Jobs that his contributions were acknowledged. Jobs was enthusiastic about the concept, which led to the sale of millions of copies over many years.

3. The Rationale For Name


It may as well have been orange. It may have been a banana. As so, it was maybe an onion as well. Why, then, does everyone use Apple products? Apple? Why Apple? Why did you go for Apple? I guess I went a little far there.

Steve Jobs strictly adhered to a fruit diet throughout the formative years of the firm now known as Apple. He had a clear vision for his product but couldn’t think of a memorable name for his firm. So, naturally, he was inspired to name it after one of his favorite fruits. — Apple.

4. Apple’s Gorilla Glass

Apple awards Corning an additional million dollars team member

Gorilla Glass is among the most durable smartphone glasses, rivaling that of the monkey’s own kind. Nonetheless, many may not realize that Apple really birthed this monster in 2006.

In the early stages of iPhone production, Steve Jobs had concerns about the fragility of the screen. Unlike most Apple products, the original design for the phone’s display called for plastic. Accordingly, Jobs had the notion to use a glass panel to protect the longevity of the device, and he put a team of technologists to work to make it a reality.