Bad Habits You Should Break If You Want to Achieve Great Success

Picasso was prone to several vices. A typical day for him would begin with him sleeping till early afternoon. Alcohol was consumed by him. In this case, he smoked. Basically, he lied. He’d become fixated on an idea and spend all night painting variations on the same theme. He defied the odds and made it to age 91. Amazingly efficient, he got a lot done. His estate was valued at hundreds of millions of dollars. His art business now dwarfs the crypto market, which seems like a joke in comparison. Do not bother with a morning ritual or a kale smoothie.

It’s obvious that there’s more than one method to achieve phenomenal success without necessarily improving as a person in the process.

1. Work In Your Own Leisure

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Your creative juices don’t follow a timetable. Having limits is acceptable, even encouraged, in certain situations. Even the most accomplished artists understand that this is only an effort to keep the chaos under control. They are aware of how important it is to keep an imaginative channel open.

No great creator or businessman has ever had a breakthrough idea at 11 p.m., then chosen against pursuing it out of fear of disturbing their sleep schedule. That kind of behavior is quite juvenile.

2. Obsess what you do

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Whether we’re discussing famous painter Pablo Picasso or Steve Jobs, it makes no difference. These giants have a similar trait:

It’s become an obsession for them. I’m not suggesting it’s a good strategy, but if you want to be just like them, you’ll have to adopt their methods. Put away your life-hacking books. People at the top in their fields don’t bother. Generally, it’s not a good idea to get obsessed with anything. Getting obsessive with a subject like a cello is a wonderful thing. It isn’t always adequate on its own. It’s really essential.

3. Make up your own habits

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Every single of these life hack stories analyzes the lives of affluent and successful individuals after they’ve established themselves. They scrounge quotations from meaningless articles in glossy magazines. The truth is, you can’t count on them.

Biographies and historical analyses of real artists from various periods provide a diverse image. None of the norms or standards of society applied to their behavior. They just seemed off. They followed peculiar, eccentric patterns of behavior. The group also engaged in more typical activities, including watching television and playing video games. They stayed in bed late. Your own counsel is the only one you should take seriously. Nobody knows more about your brain and your body than you do.

Believe in yourself.

4. Spend time on social media

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Numerous “life hacks” advocate for abstaining from social media. Meanwhile, the world’s wealthiest individual lives there full-time. Do you suspect a gulf between the two?

Indeed, that’s how I see it.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re more of an Instagram or Twitter user. What matters most is your behavior when you are present. Social media time doesn’t have to be logged. You need not disregard it as a meaningless diversion. The knowledge and motivation it provides may be invaluable.