Why Do Apple’s AirPods Only Come In White?

Recently, Apple has introduced new, innovative products that deviate from the company’s usual style, such as the 24-inch iMac as well as the AirPods Max. Both gadgets are available in a wide variety of colors, which is a nice variation from the standard white or grey. Nevertheless, Apple’s AirPods have maintained their signature white tint and never strayed from it. Apple’s iconic earbuds have always been created in white, prior to the wireless variants that are presently marketed.

At the start of it

 Apple’s AirPods

Beginning in 2003, one of Apple’s most popular and famous gadgets was unveiled, one that would change its industry and make life significantly simpler for any music fan. The original iPod was introduced around this time, and although it was bound for greatness, it needed the one thing Apple has always prioritized above all else: a recognizable brand name. This was a fantastic method for Apple to recruit new consumers in the past, but Apple didn’t want people to be able to identify who was using their goods with the new iPod, so they removed this capability.

In contrast to Apple’s previous products, such as its PCs at the time, the iPod was designed to be portable enough to be carried about in a user’s pocket. Because it is so portable, a music player of this size will likely never be seen by prospective buyers because its owners will be too embarrassed to pull it out of their pockets.

Apple genius solution

 Apple’s AirPods

The Apple team set out to ensure that their product stood out from the competition and came up with a way to do it. Apple set itself apart from the competition by ditching the standard issue of black, unsightly wires that accompanied every set of earbuds at the time.

The group realized that even with the gadget in a user’s wallet, they would nearly always be listening to it via earphones and that this is where they could make the biggest impact. So, whereas other firms paid little attention to the design of their earphone wires, Apple went ahead and made their earbuds white and unique, and it served its purpose well. Apple then launched a large promotional effort to coincide with the introduction of the iPod, with an emphasis on the device’s white headphones to draw attention away from the iPod itself, as Apple had hoped its customers would do.