The Top Part-Time Jobs for Socially Awkward or Introverts

The recruiting manager admired you, but they felt you appeared too cautious, and that was always the same criticism I got after every interview. So I gave up on the employment market and began exploring other means of income, mostly in the digital sphere. However, being an introvert, I was aware of the need for part-time employment or remote work opportunity that provided me with a great deal of independence, particularly in terms of setting my own schedule and priorities. Put simply, I was looking for a part-time job where I had some independence, like one of these.

1. Remote Transcriptionist

Part-Time Jobs for Socially Awkward or Introverts

One decent at-home occupation for shy people is transcribing audio recordings. Almost a decade ago, internet transcribing was the first side job I many had.

Nothing requires interaction with other people. In meetings, speeches, and so forth, all you have to do is transcribe what other people say. In addition, the financial rewards for developing your transcribing skills are substantial. Rev, pays over $1 for every audio minute, TranscribeMe,  offers up to $22 per audio hour, and Scribie, scales it to $25 per hour. Therefore, the greater your speed in transcribing, the greater your payment will be.

2. Graphic Designer

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I wish I could say the same about my creative abilities, but alas, I do not. However, for those who are, graphic design is a great second career for shy people. Indeed claims that a graphic designer’s median hourly wage is $19.75. Since you’ll be working mostly solo, your client contact will be modest. Independent graphic designers often create art books, pamphlets, leaflets, emblems, package design designs, and websites, among other things.

3. Online Researcher

Part-Time Jobs for Socially Awkward or Introverts

One of my first “ways to make money” was doing Internet research, which is ideal for independent workers. Since I like discovering new things, I find doing internet research jobs extremely interesting. However, there is more to do this kind of job than just “Looking it up”. Professionals with confirmed experience in a certain field may earn as much as $7,000 per month by responding to questions for customers on sites like ExpertRating.

4. Book Reviewer

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If you like spending time alone with a good book, you may potentially make extra money (and in your leisure time) by reviewing books for publication. OnlineBookClub claims a reader may earn $60 for writing a review of a book. In addition, the US Review of Books offers up to $75 for every reviewed book. Those are only two of the numerous sites that charge a fee in order to provide a review of a book.