How Pro Coders Write Fast Programs

A lot of the time, we want to get things done as quickly as possible. However, we lack the necessary expertise. There will be times when you feel completely at sea and like you’ve been waiting forever. These are some of the techniques that a quick coder uses.

1. Dance of The Keyboards


Most coders get here eventually. And they’re adept at getting things done by typing away at a computer. It takes practice to become proficient at using a keyboard, but once you do, you’ll never go back to using a mouse. Moreover, muscle memory is easier to establish and maintain in these people. If you’re not utilizing the keyboard shortcuts for things like opening new files, you’re probably just scrolling about aimlessly. You might probably infer that the end is in sight. In fact, I seldom utilize a mouse, even while writing code.

2. Practise & Perseverance

I am now at the stage where I can go long stretches without stopping to take a breath while coding. In many ways, it has replaced my native tongue. Unless I’m trying anything really new, I can do the job quickly and easily. An innate awareness of which issues are best addressed by which strategies. This is something that can only be learned via practice, however, some exceptional developers learn it more quickly than others by, for example, working on projects beyond their personal bubble or looking into the script of everyone else to see how they tackled similar issues.

3. Jack of All Trades


The fastest coders are the ones who are most proficient with their tools, particularly the command line. The time spent on mundane, manual chores is reduced when one is well-versed in the toolsets used, such as editors, code libraries, debuggers, testing frameworks,  documentation, etc. Good developers often have exceptional debugging skills and can pinpoint, diagnose, and fix a defect much more quickly than a novice. It’s clear that they have more information. That’s not always the case, however. They use a more methodical approach to tracking out the cause of issues that arise out of nowhere.

4. Confidence & Enjoyment

Knowing you are making progress will motivate you to work even more quickly. For developers, programming is as natural as cooking for cooks or swimming for swimmers. It’s more than simply a hobby; it defines who you are. Get your education right and put it into action. Over time, faith will develop on its own. When you’re having fun, time flies by and you wonder why you haven’t gotten up from your chair yet. If Coding is something that really interests you,  it’s simple to lose track of time while performing it.

The Takeaway

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Above all else, you must have a solid method for yourself. Some very skilled programmers may insist they don’t have a distinct method, but in my opinion, this is only because they’re so used to their routine that they no longer give it a second thought.

In order to solve large, complex issues, great developers must first break them down into smaller, more manageable issues. They start with the smallest issue and work their way up, checking off each one as they finish it.