Books That Can Reconfigure Your Brain

Do you ever stop to consider the boundless potential of the human mind to improve our lot in life? Every once in a while, we become caught in a rut and hear a nagging voice within our heads demanding that we make a move.

Healing and making positive changes in one’s life are both within the human capacity. A shift in perspective and some cerebral rewiring are all that’s required. Our mental processing is rather straightforward. No matter what we learn, our brains are continuously rewiring themselves to accommodate us. It has no concept of what is real and what is not.

For anybody who finds themselves in a similar situation and wonders whether a little rewiring wouldn’t hurt, I have compiled a list of a couple of books that I found very helpful in effecting such a transformation.

1. How To Do The Work by Dr. Nicole LePera


A professional psychiatrist, Dr. Nicole LePera guides you on a path to whole-person wellness in this inspiring book. I really like that LePera draws on her individual perspective in the healing process to provide psychological strategies for overcoming trauma and reprogramming one’s outlook on life.

After experiencing a decline in her health, she received a wake-up call to restore her well-being, prompting the writing of this book. There are eight snippets in total. Many topics are covered, including but not limited to the following: mental health, holistic psychology, physical health,  childhood trauma, stress reduction, belief reprogramming, healthy relationships, and liberation from damaging behavioral patterns.

2. Chatter: The Voice in Our Head, By Ethan Kross

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Author, a neuroscientist, as well as psychologist Ethan Kross, discusses how to channel negative thoughts and overcome anxiety using positive self-talk.In the book, he artfully interweaves research and teachings with personal anecdotes. Negative chatter has been shown to have serious consequences for one’s mental health, emotions, and interpersonal connections. My views on introspection and mental discipline were altered by this book. No longer do I waste time trying to close it all the time. Please read it; you won’t be let down.

3. Livewired:  by Dr. David Eagleman

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Among all of your organs, the mind is the most extraordinary. We have no concept of the potential it has. You’ve probably heard the old adage, “What we believe is what we become.” The human brain, as per scientific studies, may be reconfigured or reconditioned based on the information we give it.

Dr. David Eagleman, a neurosurgeon, and TED speaker, wrote an enlightening book called Livewired. I learned some new information about how the brain works. The results of his studies into the brain, trance, and the application of neurological equipment were fascinating and enlightening.