Best Apps To Use If You’re a Chronic Forgetter

Modern life is so fast-paced that keeping track of even the most basic details may be difficult. Our thoughts are often racing as we try to juggle work, marriage, and social commitments. People’s memories are fallible, so it’s natural for them to lapse sometimes.

There’s no need to panic, however, we understand how aggravating forgetting may be. It might be challenging to keep up with everything going on, but there are lots of useful applications out there to assist. Whether you’re a chronic forgetter or you simply want some assistance getting your life in order, the following applications might be useful.

1. Evernote


You may utilize Evernote for anything from keeping track of ideas to jotting down reminders. It’s great for the careless who might use some assistance remaining structured, and it’s free for PC, iOS, or Android phones, as well as online. You may easily work with others by uploading papers and sharing notes.

The free plan has many useful tools, but only allows for two simultaneous devices and lacks offline editing capabilities. For €7.99 per month, you can get offline editing, increased note length and monthly uploading restrictions, and the ability to synchronize an unlimited number of gadgets. A professional subscription is available for €9.99/month and includes integration with Slack as well as Microsoft Teams as well as the ability to generate notes as pdfs.

2. Curiosity

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Finding what you need in a sea of applications, files, messages, and identities may be a monumental challenge. Curiosity is a sophisticated search software that interacts with the resources you currently utilize, including your documents and communications, as well as storage programs like Google Workspace, Dropbox, or Slack. The consolidated data makes it simple to look for certain pieces of information. You’ll be more productive overall since you won’t have to waste time searching in vain across many sites.

Curiosity is a freemium Windows and Mac tool that allows you to connect to up to five cloud services at once and has a launch control bar, contact management, and shared workspaces. For an additional $3.99 per month, you may link a limitless number of personal applications and do a full-content search across all of your files with the Personal plan. The Pro edition, for 9.99€/ month, enables you to access business applications and has an even quicker search.

3. LastPass

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LastPass is an excellent password manager for those who tend to forget their credentials. On your computer, as well as your Android and iOS mobile gadgets, it safely saves all of your credentials and other private data. One master credential for LastPass is all you need to memorize; the program will handle the rest. The software also allows you to easily fill out online forms, as well as create complex credentials for new accounts.

The free package covers the essentials, such as password protection, a password creator, and online form autofill on a single device. An optional premium package costs $3 monthly and provides access across devices as well as 24/7 support. Pricing at $4/month, the Families plan provides access to a shared dashboard and six separate vaults for members of the same household.