What Are Hitboxes in Gaming?

The vast majority of modern video games are physics clones. Making the world seem genuine is essential for every 3D game designer, from the most basic impact in a roguelike to the complex calculations driving simulators such as Kerbal Space Program. For this reason, your game needs hitboxes, the jargon for a virtual item’s “physical reality.”

When describing a shape, the term “hitbox” is used to refer to the area of the shape that may be hit without hitting any other hitboxes. Almost every visible and interactable element in a videogame has its own hitbox, including the world itself, the characters, the environments, and the buildings. The goal is to make the game seem as realistic as possible to the gamer. They must be stopped from passing through the thing, and collisions amongst hitboxes often result in a physical reaction, such as rebounding.


What is a Hitbox Controller?

They look like fight sticks, though they really resemble keyboards. For games without an analog stick, the keys are the only means of movement. In place of the traditional joystick, you’ll find four keys that act as the letters W, S, and A, as well as space on a standard keyboard.

The ‘Space bar’ key is bigger than the other keys and may be found in the center of the keyboard. Since the Mix box is essentially a variant of the Hitbox, it fits well here. The Mixbox is an original twist on the standard gamepad, the Hitbox, by adding a set of keyboard-like keys on the left flank.

How to Use a Hitbox?


All you have to imagine is a keyboard. Those who have experience with keyboard-based pc shooting games should have no trouble picking this up. Some individuals may need more time than others to become used to the settings. The left side of the controller is used for directive motion, whereas the right side is used for regular motion. You’ll require using both your index and middle fingers together to pull off moves. The larger central key, used for jumping and other operations, is controlled by the thumbs.

The Dilemma Hitbox Controllers?

Some people believe that hitboxes should be prohibited from competitions. My mind has never considered the possibility that this is a norm. From what I’ve seen, hitboxes are used by a small minority of the population. Those that engage in widespread macroeconomics fraud are partly to blame, in my opinion.

Some players can program a key to do an activity or a sequence of buttons to do something automatically for them. It’s quite unlikely, though, due to the fact that this could be done with standard Fightsticks as well.