5 Best Programming Languages to Learn for Beginners

In today’s technologically driven world, there are a plethora of programming languages to choose from, making it difficult to select one that would provide practical and optimal results in the long run. While deciding on a programming language to use for a specific task or project, many experts spend a significant amount of time doing research.

Furthermore, when it comes to novices or newbie programmers, the lack of assistance and exposure makes deciding where to begin developing a successful career in the programming industry that much more difficult.

When it comes to programming languages, which one should newcomers study first?

To begin the process of determining the most appropriate and beneficial programming language to learn, one must first determine the objective of learning a programming language.

Example: If one wants to excel in technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, he or she should choose Python. If one wishes to break into the competitive programming field, he or she should consider using C++ as the programming language of choice.

Following that, one must examine the popularity and market demand of the languages, as well as career possibilities, efficiency, compatibility, and applicability, among other factors, in order to determine which is, on balance, the superior language.

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Here’s a list of the best programming languages to learn that you can pursue without giving it a second thought:

1) Python

Due to its simple syntax and a vast range of applications, Python is without a doubt one of the most often recommended programming languages for beginners, particularly in recent years, and for good reason. The clarity of code is emphasised in this general-purpose, high-level programming language.

It has certain outstanding characteristics, such as broad support modules and community development, open-source nature, the capacity to scale complicated systems, and so on, that make it easy for beginners to grasp the programming paradigms.

Python is used by a number of well-known services, including YouTube, Instagram, Quora, and Pinterest. Additionally, if you wish to investigate other popular topics like as Data Science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, Python is the most appropriate language to use.

2) C/C++

It is generally advised that novices begin their programming experience with one of these lower-level programming languages, as they are easier to learn.

C is a procedural programming language that was first established as a system programming language for writing operating systems. It is now used to construct multiple important platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Linux, and other operating systems, among others.

Furthermore, C/C++ enables newcomers to quickly grasp numerous underlying systems at a fundamental level, as well as more subtle issues, with relative ease.

3) The Java

Since its introduction, Java has consistently ranked as one of the most difficult programming languages to learn in the computer industry. Although the general-purpose programming language is based on the object-oriented programming paradigms, it is more preferred by developers due to the notion of ‘Write Once Run Anywhere’ that the language adheres to.

Many other notable characteristics of the language are included as well, such as automated memory allocation, multithreading, platform independence, and so on. Though the language is more difficult to learn than other programming languages such as Python, for example, if you are interested in producing Android applications or corporate software, you should consider learning it without hesitation.

Aside from that, Java is being utilised by a variety of well-known platforms such as those operated by Google, Amazon, Twitter, and others, and beginner programmers should consider studying Java in order to make a successful career in the development area.

4) JavaScript

It is a desirable language for beginners since it can be used in a wide range of applications, is compatible with a variety of other languages, and is comparatively easy to learn than most other programming languages. JavaScript is not just confined to the creation of client-side activities; it can also be used to develop server-side features as well.

Furthermore, there are a variety of JavaScript frameworks and libraries available, such as Angular, React, Vue, and others, to make things easier for JS developers to work with.

Furthermore, major IT behemoths such as Google, Facebook, Gmail, and others rely on JavaScript and are constantly introducing new job possibilities for JavaScript developers to take advantage of.

5) Kotlin

If one intends to learn a programming language, particularly for Android development, this is a good place to start. As a matter of fact, Google has publicly said that Kotlin is the preferred language for Android application development.

The statically typed, general-purpose programming language is completely compatible with JAVA and works seamlessly with all of the Java tools and frameworks that are already in use by developers.

Furthermore, the language has a number of distinguishing characteristics, such as being statically typed, succinct, and safe, among others.

Despite the fact that Kotlin is a relatively new programming language, it is already being used by numerous well-known firms such as Pinterest, Basecamp, and others for their various platforms. When it comes to the employment market, it is fairly popular.

According to their requirements and professional aspirations, here are the top 5 programming language options for all novices to take into consideration. In order to become a valuable programmers, learners must maintain consistency throughout the whole learning process and practise on a regular basis.