5 Best Online Resume Builders in 2023

When you are looking for a job, your resume is the only thing that HR will see as a reflection of your abilities and credentials. This demonstrates how critical it is to construct an adequate CV before submitting it to a prospective employer. It is, on the other hand, more difficult to convey your qualifications appropriately.

Resume builders are really useful in this situation. These online resume builders enable you to create a resume that is unique to you. The platforms make use of relevant layouts, keywords, and themes to make your resume stand out from the crowd and be fit for the job description.

Top 5 Online Resume Builders

There are several free and paid resume builders available to complete your task, but not all of them are of high quality. The images in the list below are all of the most popular and useful ones for creating an eye-catching resume. You can also locate employment openings on these websites, which is a bonus.

1. Kickresume


If you want a resume that looks great yet is super easy to make, you may want to try Kickresume.

The best part about Kickresume is that it will basically create your resume and cover letter for you. Kickresume runs on GPT-3, thanks to which it can generate pretty good resumes and cover letters by itself, while you only have to do some light editing. Once that’s done, it lets you choose from a wide variety of customizable templates. They’ve got professional templates for all types of professions and all types of people. What’s more, all of them are ATS-friendly and were approved by recruiters.

One more thing — if you’ve ever wondered what a successful resume or cover letter looks like, Kickresume has a huge database of samples. They’ve collected these from real people who managed to land jobs with some of the world’s best-known companies.

2. Resume.io


It is a dynamic resume builder that creates resumes following employment requirements and specifications. As a result, the site serves as a résumé generator as well as a job platform where users may apply for open positions.

Aside from that, Resume.io offers a straightforward user experience that distinguishes it from its competitors.

There are a variety of resume templates accessible inside the site that may be used to create your own unique document. A relevant resume will be prepared in less than half a minute after you submit your qualifications and work information.

3. Resume.com


Most online resume generators put their essential features behind a paywall, making them inaccessible to the general public.

Resume.com, on the other hand, is an exception because you may use this site to perform practically anything for free.

Furthermore, the portal offers instructions and recommendations on how to write a strong cover letter and prepare for an interview, among other things.

Using Resume.com to create an eye-catching resume takes only a few minutes since all you have to do is enter the necessary information and select an acceptable template.

The rest of the details will be taken care of by the website, which will also create a professional CV for you to submit with your selected job application.

4. Jobscan


If you are applying for a position where applicant tracking systems (ATS) are used to screen resumes, Jobscan is an excellent choice to consider.

A computer algorithm is used by the site to guarantee that resumes are new and up to date following the most recent norms and regulations. With Jobscan, you can also make changes to your current resume.

Aside from assisting you in the creation of a professional CV, the website will also provide you with vital information about job interviews.

You will also be able to follow the progress of your job application as well as the progress of other applicants. Jobscan is initially available for free, but if you want to make use of some of the more advanced features, you will need to subscribe.

5. Visual CV

Visual CV

Visual CV will be an excellent choice for individuals who are seeking a resume optimizer to use with their current portfolios of work. In addition, you may use this tool to create a new resume from the ground up.

The most useful feature of Visual CV is the ability to integrate your educational qualifications and abilities from your LinkedIn page into the programme.

Furthermore, there are a plethora of templates to pick from, each with a different concept to include in your CV.

The templates are designed to be adaptable to a variety of job profiles. However, because the majority of the sophisticated capabilities are hidden behind a paywall, it is a somewhat pricey tool to use.

6. MyPerfectResume


If you are a recent graduate attempting to put up your very first resume, my perfect resume can assist you with this. Using the site, you may complete every step of professional resume creation, from adding a template to crafting an employer-focused description.

In addition, MyPerfectResume automatically selects the most appropriate phrases to put in the resume based on the job description.

Users may also get help with customizing their cover letters and resumes using the website.

In addition, MyPerfectResume may be used as a job search tool to help you identify relevant employment opportunities. It is important to understand that the services supplied are not free.